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query help needed for querybuilder to use with lcm cli


I had set up several queries to run with the lcm cli in order to back up personal folders, inboxes, etc. to lcmbiar files to use as backups.  I have seen a few posts that are similar, but I have a specific question/concern.

I just recently had to reference one of these back ups only to find it was incomplete.  Does the query used by the lcm cli also only pull the first 1000 rows? Is there a way to change this limit somwhere?

Also, since when importing this lcmbiar file for something 'generic' like 'all personal folders', pulls in WAY too much stuff, is there a better way to limit this? I am open to suggestions, but it would almost be better if I could create individual lcmbiar output files on a per user basis.  This way, when/if I need to restore someone's personal folder contents, for example, I could find them by username and import just that lcmbiar file, as opposed to all 3000 of our users.  I am not quite sure how to accomplish this...

Currently, with my limited windows scripting knowledge, I have set up a bat script to run each morning, that creates a 'runtime' properties file from a template, such that the lcmbiar file gets named uniquely for that day and its content.  Then I call the lcm_cli using the proper command.  The query within the properties file is currently very straightforward - select * from CI_INFOOBJECTS WHERE SI_ANCESTOR = 18.

To do what I want to do...

1) I'd first need a current list of usernames in a text file, that could be read (?) in and parsed to single out each user (remember we are talking about 3000) - not sure the best way to get this.

2) Then instead of just updating the the lcmbiar file name with a unique name as I do currently, I would also update the query (which would be different altogether):  SELECT * from CI_INFOOBJECTS where SI_OWNER = '<username>' AND SI_ANCESTOR = 18.

In theory, that would grab everything owned by that user in their personal folder - right? and write it to its own lcmbiar file to a location I specify.

I just think chunking something like this is more effective and BO has no built in back up capability that already does this.  We are on BO 4.0 SP7 right now, move to 4.1 SP4 over the summer.

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.



Try importing this biar file. The program file it imports will delete anything returned by the following query:

select top 5000 si_name from ci_infoobjects where si_kind = "LCMJob" and si_instance = 0 and si_name like '%Query_%'

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