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Renaming, Adding and Removing a BPC 10 Model's dimension [NW]

Hi fellow SDN-ers,

I am working on an enhancement to an existing BPC model that is live, with 17 dimensions. My aim is to keep dimensionality to a minimum (improving performance and for other reasoning), we have selected an existing 'User Defined - Type' dimension to be used for dual / hybrid purposes (modelling two functions of the business that do not overlap).

I am exploring options of how to update this dimension to be dual-purpose. These options include;

  • Re-name the dimension technical name, e.g. from PROJECT to PROJECT_BUSINESS_CHANNEL
  • Add a new Dimension and Remove the existing (now redundant) dimension, e.g. add PROJECT_BUSINESS_CHANNEL and remove PROJECT
    • I need to understand the impact on transactional data to do this - will removing a dimension drop that level of data or will the cube need to be Cleared and then re-loaded?

From previous reading, I understand that when adding a new BPC dimension - the transactional data will assume the member with the first ID when alpha-numerically sorted. Confirmation of this would be great.   Other considerations I have are;

  • Does the cube technical name change when inserting or removing a dimension from a BPC model?
    • How does this impact on Transports to QA / Production - will it rename the existing model or not?

Obviously a third option is to not re-name the dimension and deal with it as a training area as opposed to a new development task which may be the route we use if the development overhead is significant.

Any experience to share would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,


Image to clarify what I'm talking about:

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