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Can't start Shadowinstance during EHP Upgrade

Hello SCN,

i'm trying to Upgrade ERP6.0 EHP5 to EHP6 on Windows 2008 and MaxDB

In Phase MAIN_SHDPREPUT/START_SHDI_PREPUT i get Severe Error becuase the shadow instance won't get up.


Severe error(s) occurred in phase MAIN_SHDPREPUT/START_SHDI_PREPUT!

Last error code set: Shadow instance couldn't be started, check 'STARTSSC.LOG' and 'DEVTRACE.LOG': RFC login to system EMT ashost SAPTEST01 nr 02 gwhost SAPTEST01 gwservice sapgw02 failed with code 1 key

RFC_COMMUNICATION_FAILURE: <br/> LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode<br/> ERROR partner '' not reached<br/> TIME Wed Nov 27 15:05:01 2013<br/> RELEASE 721<br/> COMPONENT NI (network interface)<br/> VERSION 40<br/> RC -10<br/> MODULE nixxi.cpp<br/> LINE 3285<br/> DETAIL NiPConnect2:<br/> SYSTEM CALL connect<br/> ERRNO 10061<br/> ERRNO TEXT WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused<br/> COUNTER 66<br/>

dev_w0 of shadow instance says:


C  *** ERROR => Connect to database failed, rc = -10757 (XUSER error (the USERKEY is unknown))

[dbsdbsql.cpp 115]

C  Try to connect (SQLOPT) on connection 0 ...

C  *** ERROR => Connect to database failed, rc = -10709 (Connection failed (RTE:Authentication failed (Cannot eval connect packet.).))

[dbsdbsql.cpp 139]

B  ***LOG BV3=> severe db error -10709    ; work process is stopped [dbsh        1241]

B  ***LOG BY2=> sql error -10709 performing CON [dblink      544]

B  ***LOG BY0=> Connection failed (RTE:Authentication failed (Cannot eval connect packet.).) [dblink      544]

M  ***LOG R19=> ThInit, db_connect ( DB-Connect 000256) [thxxhead.c  1497]

M  in_ThErrHandle: 1

M  *** ERROR => ThInit: db_connect (step 1, th_errno 13, action 3, level 1) [thxxhead.c  11348]

M  "

i did some research and found SAP Note 1444798:

Note 1444798

I) Creating the XUSER key "UPGSHD" on the remote shadow instance

For SAP upgrades or Enhancement Package installations with SAP kernel 7.20 or higher (that is, NetWeaver 7.0 or higher, Enhancement Package 2 as well as BS 7i2010e or higher), you must create the XUSER key UPGSHD in the remote shadow instance. This should occur immediately after the PREPARE.

To do so, execute the following command as the SAP system administrator sidadm on the host of the remote shadow instance:

  xuser -U UPGSHD -u SAP<SID>SHD,<password> -d <DBSID>

  -n <DBHostname> -S SAPR3 -t 0 -I 0 set

For Windows, you must also execute the following command:

  xuser -c SAPService<SID> -U UPGSHD -u SAP<SID>SHD,<password>

  -d <DBSID> -n <DBHostname> -S SAPR3 -t 0 -I 0 set

The password is the password specified in the phase INITSHD.

Check the existence of the XUSER key after its creation using:

  xuser -U UPGSHD list

For Windows, use the following also:

  xuser -c SAPService<SID> -U UPGSHD list

If the XUSER key does not exist,

starting the shadow instance leads to the following error (log file of

work processes):

  *** ERROR => Connect to database failed,

  rc = -10757 (XUSER error (the USERKEY is unknown))

After completing the SAP upgrade or the Enhancement Package installation, you must delete the XUSER key:

  xuser -U UPGSHD clear

For Windows, also:

  xuser -c SAPService<SID> -U UPGSHD clear

I tryed this Solution and added the Xuser Keys for UPGSHD

When i try to test connection i get this Error:

dbmcli -d EMT -U UPGSHD

Error! Connection failed to node SAPTEST01 for database EMT:

-24950, ERR_USRFAIL: User authorization failed.

do you have any ideas?

best regards

Former Member

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