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SQL error 601 in SQL server 2012 SP1CU6

Hi experts,

   I just upgrade our SAP to Windows/SQL server 2012 and put the whole database on Fusion IO. We have a program running on SQL server 2008 without any errors. However, I found this program terminated with SQL error 601 every morning at 7:00am. It is weird that if we run it again later, it  complete without errors. We have check sap note: 965530 and it mentioned it happened only on older SQL server version. Please help.

---- ST22 --------------

Category               Installation Errors                                                         

Runtime Errors         DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR                                                         

Except.                CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB                                                           

Date and Time          2013/10/08 07:00:08                                                         


Short text                                                                                       
    SQL error 601 when accessing table "ZSCMPN".                                                 

What happened?                                                                                   
    Error Text of the Database: "Could not continue scan with NOLOCK due to data                 

----  ABAP code --------------------

  767FORM GET_ZSCMPN .                                                                          
  768  "Exclude bulk and phantom P/N                                                            
  769  SELECT Z~SITCOD Z~KUNNR Z~MATNR                                                          
  770    INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE I_ZSCMPN                                            
  771    FROM ZSCMPN AS Z INNER JOIN MARC AS C                                                  
  772    ON Z~MATNR = C~MATNR                                                                   
  773    WHERE C~WERKS IN S_WERKS AND C~SOBSL <> '50' AND C~SCHGT NE 'X'                        
  774    AND Z~SITCOD = P_SITE.                                                                 
>>>>>  READ TABLE I_ZSCMPN INDEX 1.                                                             
  777  IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.                                                                        
  778    "  IF I_ZSCMPN[] IS INITIAL.                                                           
  779    WRITE:/ 'PAL P/N base is not exit! Stop the process!'.                                 
  780    STOP.                                                                                  
  781  ELSE.                                                                                    
  782    SORT I_ZSCMPN BY SITCOD KUNNR MATNR.                                                   
  784  ENDIF.                                                                                   
  786  IF S_MATNR[] IS NOT INITIAL.                                                             
  787    LOOP AT I_ZSCMPN.                                                                      
  788      READ TABLE S_MATNR WITH KEY LOW = I_ZSCMPN-MATNR.                                    
  789      IF SY-SUBRC NE 0.                                                                    
  790        DELETE I_ZSCMPN.                                                                   
  791      ENDIF.                                                                               
  792    ENDLOOP.                                                                               
  793  ENDIF.                                                                                   

---  SM21 ------------

Details Page 2 Line 9 System Log: Analysis for all Remote Instances           1

Time    SAP instance  TypeNr CltUser    TCodeGrpNText                                                      
07:00:02tccap45_TCP_45BTC 02821876040301     BY 0> Could not continue scan with NOLOCK due to data movement.

> Could not continue scan with NOLOCK due to data movement.                   


Recording at local and central time........................ 2013/10/08 07:00:02

Task......Process                     User......TerminalSessionTCodeProgram ClProblem cl   Package
03088     Background Processor No. 02876040301                1     ZQP00759X MiscellaneousSBAC  

Documentation for system log message BY 0 :                           
Access to the database system has returned an SQL code indicating that
the operation could not be performed correctly by the database system.
This system log entry shows the database text for the SQL error that  
has occurred.  It supplements the preceding system log entry, which   
shows the SQL code, the table name and the SQL function where the error
has occurred.                                                         

Technical details

FileOffsetRecFmSystem logGrpNvariable message data                                          
259409680               BY 0Could not continue scan with NOLOCK due to data movement.    
Former Member replied


> Could not continue scan with NOLOCK due to data movement.                   

It looks like that some other job/program is running at the same time. Could you please if some other job/program runs at same time which blocks access to table?



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