Central repository and migration question

I am relatively new to BODS and trying to figure out how to, and the good practices in doing things.

I am working at a client who has at most 3 developers and do not have central repo yet. Each developer has a local repo for development and one local repo each for the different environments (dev/qa/prod). We are looking at using the central repo for code sharing, migration and version control. To begin with we prefer just one central repo.


I want to know couple of things -

  • How do we migrate a change (multiple objects) as a bundle across repos (local to central to local)? ATL is a way but how to get that to central repo without losing the versioning? I am okay for a developer to migrate individual change objects one time, and there after the administrator moves as a bundle (or minimal effort) instead of having to deal with objects individually.
  • Is there a way to backout/rollback the latest change in central repo without having to copy the prior version to a local repo and then copy that over to central? Any way to do all objects in a change in one go.

It seems labeling may help do what i am looking for, but I couldn't quite figure out how to yet.


Please give me some guidance and any good practices in general for migration. All help is appreciated.