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ABAP value help (F4 help / search help) in report for own datatype

I have problems getting the value help to work for parameters in report that have a datatype that I defined. I should say this is the first value help I try to create and the instructions on are not entirely clear to me.

What I mean / want to achieve:

In a report I have some parameters:

Header 1

PARAMETERS: bp      TYPE bu_partner,
            demo_id TYPE zdemo_id.

When I place the cursor in the bp field, there is the F4 / value help button for selecting a business partner (a complex value help / search help). The same works for many other pre-defined datatypes e.g. COMT_PRODUCT_ID (another complex search help) or COMT_CATEGORY_ID (an elementary search help).

In the demo_id field there is no value help button. I want there to be a value help button to select entries from table ZCREATEQUOTDEMO.

The table ZCREATEQUOTDEMO has a key column DEMO_ID of type ZDEMO_ID and some other columns for business partner, date, product and some conditions.

What I tried: (as I said I don't really know what I'm doing)

I created a domain ZDEMO_ID and associated the data type ZDEMO_ID with it.

In the domain ZDEMO_ID on the value range tab I put ZCREATEQUOTDEMO as the Value Table.

(Not sure what effect that had, if any.)

Am I even correct assuming I need a domain? Well, it can't really harm.

I created an elementary search help ZDEMO_ID (from se11).

Here I am mostly guessing what to put in.

In the Selection method field I put ZCREATEQUOTDEMO.

I set the Dialog type to D Display values immediately and left the Hot key blank.

I left the Search help exit field empty. If possible, I would like not to have to code an exit for this. According to they don't seem to be necessary unless one wants something fancy / non-standard?

In the table at the bottom I put the Search help parameter DEMO_ID and marked it as both IMP and EXP and I put LPos and SPos as 1 and 1.

I also put one of the other columns there, PRODUCT, made it neither IMP nor EXP and set LPos and SPos as 2 and 2 (not entirely sure what that does).

In the table ZCREATEQUOTDEMO I went to the Entry help/check tab, clicked in the line for DEMO_ID and clicked the Search Help button. I accepted the proposal, which was just Search help parameter DEMO_ID, Table Name ZCREATEQUOTDEMO and Field name DEMO_ID.


It seems to have worked a little bit. When I use transaction sm30 to maintain the generated view ZCREATEQUOTDEMO and I click New Entry, there is a value help button in the Demo ID field, and when I click it shows the Demo ID and the Product Id for all entries in the ZCREATEQUOTDEMO table. (Of course this is not very useful, as I need to enter a new ID manually, otherwise it would clash.)

But in the report, where I need it, there is still no value help button!

Other attempt:

I changed the data type ZDEMO_ID. On the Further Characteristics screen I entered Search Help Name ZDEMO_ID and selected Parameters DEMO_ID (which was the only one available).

=> No changes. (Maybe this cannot have an effect anyway when there is a domain attached to a data type?)

Can someone point me to an example of an elementary search help without an exit? Or tell me what is wrong with my steps?


HI Monika,

In the search help definition tab, give your custom table name(ZCREATEQUOTDEMO) as selection method. In the table for parameters, give the field name for which you need search help (DEMO_ID). Check both IMP & EXP checkbox. Now save and activate.

Now when you designing your selection screen, code like this:

PARAMETER demo_id TYPE zdemo_id MATCHCODE OBJECT ZDEMO_ID (This should be your search help name)

Now when you execute your selection screen, you will get F4 help option for that field.

Hope this helps.



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