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maximum length of DP Characteristics

Dear all,

We created a Z characteristic (Plankey) and have got problems with the allowed maximum of characters.

We needed 60 charcters for our characteristic but in  /SAPAPO/SDP94 the characteristic is shown with a maximal length of 40.

In general a Z characteristic has got a length of 60.

Transaktion: /SAPAPO/MSDP_ADMIN - Environment (rightklick to -> Administration Absatzplanung und Supply Network Planning

select the relevant master planning object structure and then Create Char. Combination from the context menu)

Can somebody expalin this?

Is there any possibility to influence the maximum length?

Thank you very much and kindest regards,


Former Member


I found a reply from our developer on the same issue -- and it turned out that no standard solution in SAP system, since the truncation to header text into 40 characteristics is hard coded. You'll need extra customizing effort to realize this ... Here's the information from developer ... it sounds a little complicated though.


Here is the general guideline for your developer, to change the length
of the characteristics as displayed in the header of interactive

Task 1
In interactive planning, the header is implemented in the class
CL_GUI_TOOLBAR.  This class holds a list of characteristics (9AMATNR,
9ALOCNO etc.).  These characteristics are implemented as STB_BUTTON.

To be precise, in the public declaration of CL_GUI_TOOLBAR,
M_TABLE_BUTTON is defined as TYPE TTB_BUTTON.  TTB_BUTTON has a line
type STB_BUTTON.  STB_BUTTON has component TEXT which is type TEXT40.
This TEXT needs to have a new data type which holds more than 40 chars,
for example, TEXT60 or TEXT80.

Task 2
CL_GUI_TOOLBAR contains methods to add a button, or set button info.
These methods need to be reviewed to ensure that internal varaibles used
to hold the TEXT has length more than 40.  These methods are listed

Task 3
If you are using BAdI /SAPAPO/SDP_INTERACT method TEXT_CHOOSE, you'll
also need to change the followings:

In Function Group /SAPAPO/MSDP_SDP, form routine CALL_USER_EXIT_FOR_TEXT
there are 4 variables:
    iv_txtsh   TYPE rstxtsh
    iv_txtmd   TYPE rstxtmd
    iv_txtlg   TYPE rstxtlg
    cv_text    TYPE cv_text

They correspond with the short description, medium description, long
description of the characteristics (9AMATNR).  The variable cv_text
is made up of iv_txtsh + iv_txtmd, or any combinations as defined by

CV_Text is passed back to CL_GUI_TOOLBAR to display the button text.
CV_text currently has length =  60.  If you need to use the BAdI and
display more than 60 chars, cv_text needs to be changed accordingly.

Please note that Task 1 + 2 are compulsory to change the length.  It is
not sufficient to implement only the BAdI (Task 3) and not Task 1 and 2.

I hope the explanation is clear.  Your developer may find other internal

variables which are not included in my explanation, and need to be

changed.  However, these variables will be obvious when testing the new



Best Regards,


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