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LSMW - update Z Table

Hi experts

I know this question has been asked several times and I have read some of the treads.

Unfortunately I have not found THE answer.

I have a Z-table, without maintenance view! - We are operating in production system, and the update is a one-time shot. So it makes no sence to create a maintenance view which must be transported, otherwise I could as well create a small ABAP.

I would like to update this file using LSMW with direct update. Is it possible at all....???

How can I "define" the target structure which should  be my Z-table?

One of the threads I have read says that I could use a dummy recording and then do the update using conversion rules. But I get stuck when it comes to fill the transfer record.

Here the full text: You're not using Direct Input - use Batch Input. Like I said, it doesn't matter what BDC recording you choose in the first screen because you're never going to get to that step anyway (if you don't have one just create a dummy one for any transaction, preferably a short one). In your conversion rules, choose any of your BDC fields and write code to update the table for each record in the file (Create Rule button -> ABAP code). You don't need to do anything with the other fields.

Read the data then Convert the data. The Convert step will update your Z-table, assuming you have set up your file structure and code correctly.

LSMW can do anything as long as you're creative enough

Pls help. It is getting a bit urgent.




Sorry, I am a kind of braindead. The converted data could not be different than you have. The fields do not play any game as we dont need those records.

But the schreen shot of your converted data proofs already that the program ran through this statement.

I have just a guess ( I am not a good ABAPer - just as much as I need for LSMW), it may be that SAP gets confused with the same name for the table and for your target structure (which is automatically coming from the recording) .

so the structure ZBRIK has just the 2 fields for TABNAME and TCODE

while the table ZBRIK has much more fields

Can you try another recording and name it ZZBRIK or ZBRIK2, which would make the structure name different from your table name.

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