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Are there any limitations on concatenating string columns in Analytic Views?

Hello Experts,

I have made the following observation and I wonder if I'm missing something or if there is a limitation in the way string columns can be combined as Calculated Columns within Analytic Views.

I created an analytic view solely with the aid of the visual editor. All columns used in the view are defined as string data types of which the row count is used on one of them to define it as a measure column. This works fine as I get the expected results from the view. Now if I create a calculated column by combining two columns (neither is the one I use as a measure) using the + operator, the validation fails with the error that the data type of measure column has to be numeric. This was acceptable previously but now that I have introduced a concatenated column (of two string columns), I get a failure on the validation step. Here is a snippet of the error:


Error Message

Internal deployment of object failed;Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension;Internal Error:Create Scenario: failed aCalcEngine.createScenario(): The following errors occured: Inconsistent calculation model (34011)nDetails (Errors):n- CalculationNode (dataSource) -> attributes -> attribute (COUNTER): Keyfigure has to be numeric.n- CalculationNode (finalAggregation) -> attributes -> attribute (COUNTER): Keyfigure has to be numeric

So I removed the column I used as a measure and introduced a measure column from the base table which is defined as a numeric column and bingo the view works with concatenated columns as expected. I then re-introduced the previous column as a second measure and the validation step fails again with the same error.

From this it appears that you must have only numeric measure columns from the base table for you to create any concatenated string column (as a Calculated Column). Since this is fairly straight forward to implement in a raw sql, I think this is perhaps an issue with the studio unless I have missed a step somewhere.

(Searching thro the various posts, I am led to believe that I can indeed use the + operator for concat operation on string columns).

I'm on CloudShare with:


Version: 1.0.48

Build id: 201301130825 (372847)

HDB version info:


Any thoughts?



Former Member
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