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Validation (GGB0) ?

can any1 tell me waht exactly we can do with this validation ?? and if possible some confi part ??

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please check OSS notes below about validation:

I. Creating, activating and transporting validations and substitutions

1. Which transactions are required to use validation or substitution functions?

GGB0 Validation Maintenance

GGB1 Substitution Maintenance

GCVZ Rule Maintenance

GGB4 Action selection for validation/substitution, for example, activation of application areas, use of all messages or substituted fields

GCX2 Definition of the Includes for user exits

OB28 Activation of FI validations

OBBH Activation of FI substitutions

OBBZ Activation of cost of sales accounting substitution (in the FI area)

OKC7 Activation of CO validations

OKC9 Activation of CO substitutions

GCT9 Transport: Validations

GCT0 Transport: Substitutions

2. What must I take into account when using the formula editor?

a) Validation GGB0

If you create the first validation for a callup point, for example 'financial accounting - document header', you have to define a message class. This is then valid for ALL validations for this callup point.

Not all fields can be used for validations on certain callup points, for example 'Complete document in FI'. This is because there are several rows there and it is not clear on which row the check is to be carried out. You can only use numeric fields here. (Note 413956)

You should use a user exit if you need more checks on this callup point.

b) Substitution GGB1

If you create a substitution, for example 'financial accounting document line item', only certain fields are authorized for the substitution. This is because problems can occur with the documents or inconsistencies can occur between different applications.

You can release more fields for substitution but this can be critical as serious problems can occur as a result.

This is why you should regard the following change as a modification (Note 170183):

The GB01 table contains information about which table fields can or cannot be substituted for which callup point.

You can make a field substitutable by changing the BEXCLUDE field to ' '.

For example: 'Complete document' callup point in the FI

In accordance with the default, no field is released for substitution on this callup point. You can see this in the following entries:


015 S BKPF * X

015 S BSEG * X

BOOLCLASS - Specifies the Boolean class. This is determined in the application area and callup point in each case, for example:

008 - Document header (FI)

009 - Line item (FI)

015 - Complete document (FI)

016 - Cost of sales accounting

100 - Document header (CO)

CLASSTYPE Specifies if the field can be used in the case of validations (B), substitutions (S) or both

BCLTAB - Table that is used

BLCFIELD - Field of this table

BEXCLUDE - Can be used ' ' or cannot be used 'X'.

As mentioned above, you should equate this change with a modification. Problems that occur as a result of this change cannot be handled in the 'standard' support.

3. What must I take into account when activating validations or substitutions?

You can activate validations and substitutions in two ways.

Activation level: 1 - Active

2 - Active, except during 'batch input' processing

Because the activation in the financial accounting (FI) is company-code-specific, the validations or substitutions should be activated in both company codes in the case of cross-company code transactions.

4. What must I take into account when transporting validations or substitutions?

Usually, only table entries are transported when validations or substitutions are transported. The generated source code should not be transported, since this can cause problems. After the import into the target system, the source code is generated automatically when the RGUGBR00 report is started.

If you would like to delete a validation/substitution, and do not want to do this in each system individually, proceed as described in Note 840981.

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