Data Service Repository version - is incompatible with the version 14.1.1


Recently we have installed BODS 4.1 Patch 6 on Oracle 11g with default Repository DXX_repo.

We have discovered that repository came with version, then using Repository manager, we have upgraded to up-to-date. But still the version shows 14.1.0000.

We thought of deleting from CMC and re-register in CMC, probably would upgrade the version.

But we are facing an issue, when registering it prompts with a message

There is a problem to connect to repository: [Data Services Repoisitory 'DXX-repo_<id>' version- is incompatible with the version-14.1.1. (BODI-3015002)]

Please advise, how to upgrade the BODS repository to version 14.1.1 and hence will be able to register repository with correct versions and start using BODS 4.1

Suraj Pabbathi