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SCM systemcopy: Livecache copy or initialisation ?

We are planning to refresh quality assurance(Q/A) systems  of ERP landscape and SCM 7.0(APO) landscape with the productive systems

(Have done on ERP on regular basis, now APO landscape was also built up and is productive, too)

I have read a lot of documents, but still have some  doubts about the best method:

Best Practise Documents systemcopy ( + note 88543 copy of system landscapes)

Note 457425 - Homogeneous liveCache copy using backup/restore

Note 886103 - System Landscape Copy for SAP SCM

Note 1015489 - Connection problems after system copy

Note 1030857 - Report for additional update after system copy

According note 886103, livecache is normally also copied with SCM system.

Question 1) Could we also only copy the  SCM-PROD system to SCM Q/A and then initialise the Q/A livecache (after having changed tables in SCM system, which points to the right livecache on Q/A livecache server). I would appreciate getting experience from other customers.

If we copy the livecache, too:

We could use the method with backup/restore from note 457425.

In Bestpractise Dok  Checklist for Recovery of SAP APO liveCache >= 7.4 I found:

APO/SCM only

Do not select “Restore database until a specified time.” If the liveCache instance is not completely

recovered, inconsistencies might occur between the APO database and liveCache. SAP does not

support synchronization using time stamps.

Question 2: I am wondering if this is still valid (dokument is from 2005...) ?

Normally we copy the systems with flashcopy/online backup method, so that the source systems are online always. We deactivate rfc connections, jobs etc on target system before starting the system

If livecache doesn't support point in time recovery, how can we solve that ?  The SCM (APO) system should have the data of the same timestamp as ERP system. I would normally restore ERP, SCM and probably livecache to same timestamp, but if it is not possible to restore to a time stamp..... ?

Question 3 to Note 886103:

To adapt the liveCache table /sapapo/ordmap, you need to open a command prompt on the liveCache server and start xquery. Alternatively you could useSQL Studio.

Enter: username/password/system name (sapr3/../LC-Target)

Command: select LOGSYS, count(*) from "SAPR3"."/SAPAPO/ORDMAP" group by logsys

For each LOGSYS that is displayed, the same mapping / changes have to be done as in BDLS. For example <APO-SOURCE>M001 => <APO-TARGET>M001

Command: update "SAPR3"."/SAPAPO/ORDMAP" set logsys='<APOTARGET>M001'where logsys='<APO-SOURCE>M001'

This will change the logical system name in /sapapo/ordmap to the target system.

I only found an empty table SAPSR3./SAPAPO/ORDMAP in the SCM system but not in the livecache server.  Iis there a SAPR3 (or SAPSR3) schema  in the livecache ? I haven't found this user with the dbmgui....

Any ideas are welcome...

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