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NW7.31 upgrade error in phase BIND_SUPPORT_PACKAGES

Hi SAP Experts,

Right now we are having EPNW 7.0 SP 16 with ESS/MSS BP installed as following :

BP_ERP5ESS 1.0- BP ERP05 ESS 1.0

BP_ERP5MSS 1.0 - BP ERP05 MSS 1.0


SAP_ESS 600 - SAP ESS 600



We need to do EP upgrade to NW7.31 , according to SAP recommendation Note 1698276- SAP Business Suite for SAP NetWeaver 7.31 hub systems ,

we have updated the ESS/MSS package and contents to be EHP4 for ERP 6.00

and I defined the hub systems as well in Solman ,  generated the new stack XML file, then I started the upgrade using SUM tool.

Now I’m getting error in phase BIND_SUPPORT_PACKAGES as following :


An error has occurred during the execution of the BIND_SUPPORT_PACKAGES phase.

Error while applying support package stacks. See stack trace for details. Error during reinitialize of target components vector. Error while extracting usage type mapping Error while trying to extract product definition from UTL. Could not load usage type data from [/oracle/EPE/sapdata1/SUM/java/tmp/DEPLOYARCHIVES/tc~sl.ut.content.erp.bp_erp.sda, /oracle/EPE/sapdata1/SUM/java/tmp/DEPLOYARCHIVES/tc~sl.ut.content~nw.sda, /oracle/EPE/sapdata1/SUM/java/tmp/DEPLOYARCHIVES/tc~sl.ut.content.erp.xss.sda, /oracle/EPE/sapdata1/SUM/java/tmp/DEPLOYARCHIVES/tc~sl.ut.content.erp.bp_xss.sda]. Usage BP-XSS from product ERP has dependancies to usage IDs [1, 111]. But no dependancy usage with id 111 was found in the current product usages! UsageIdsMap is 803=[ Part : name NW-MODEL], 110=[ Part : name BP-XSS], 55=[ Part : name PI-AF], 15=[ Part : name XSS], 12=[ Part : name BP-ERP], 82=[ Part : name CE-VOICE], 83=[ Part : name ADOBE], 80=[ Part : name BASIC], 81=[ Part : name COMP-ENV], 86=[ Part : name CE-APPS], 100=[ Part : name BPM], 85=[ Part : name CE-PROCESS], 302=[ Part : name PI-AEX], 301=[ Part : name PI-AE-SE], 304=[ Part : name BASIC-RA], 90=[ Part : name ESR], 305=[ Part : name ALV-EXPORT], 3=[ Part : name DI], 2=[ Part : name PI], 1=[ Part : name AS], 0=[ Part : name AAS], 7=[ Part : name EPC], 6=[ Part : name BI], 5=[ Part : name EP], 399=[ Part : name JOB-SCHED], 89=[ Part : name IDE-Update-Site] You can find more information in the files /oracle/EPE/sapdata1/SUM/java/log/BIND_SUPPORT_PACKAGES_BSP_04.LOG and ProcessOverview.html.

Use the information provided to troubleshoot the problem. An SAP Note may provide a solution to this problem. Search for SAP Notes with the following key words: Error while applying support package stacks. See stack trace for details. BIND_SUPPORT_PACKAGES CONFIG PREPARE NetWeaver Upgrade SAPJup Java Upgrade 


Can you please help/Advice how to resolve this issue?



Former Member
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