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Hi guys.

I'm using RFC_READ_TABLE transaction to parse some data from a table in SAP.

The problem is that I want to get the data for more than one order therefore I use the IN in the query as bellow:


tbloptions(1, "TEXT") = Chr(34) & "WERKS EQ '0012' AND AUFNR IN" & "(" & ordCollector & ")" & Chr(34)

ordCollector is a string variable where I add the order numbers respecting the syntax.

    Dim Rand As Long

    Dim LRand As Long

    LRand = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row

    Rand = 2

    If LRand = 2 Then

        ordCollector = "'" & ws.Cells(Rand, 1).Value & "'"


        Do While ws.Cells(Rand, 1).Value <> "" And Rand < LRand

            ordCollector = ordCollector + "'" & ws.Cells(Rand, 1).Value & "', "

            Rand = Rand + 1


        ordCollector = ordCollector + "'" & ws.Cells(Rand, 1).Value & "'"

    End If

with these two pieces of code I wanted to have something like:

     tbloptions(1, "TEXT") = "WERKS EQ '0012' AND AUFNR IN ('1234567', '8910111', '2131415')"

I don't know if it' something wrong with the syntax I'm using (if I use chr(24) the workbook stops responding and if I'm not the RFC_READ_TABLE gives me an error.

Any ideas? If you want more details please ask.

Thank you!

Former Member

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