Issue in Inbound idoc

Hi All,

I tried to process the inbound idoc using background program. But if i select the radio button in WE20, then ECC system doesnt receives the idoc(even not in status 64). Again if i change it to Trigger immediately, then ECC receives the idoc.

My Problem:

I am sending Contract (BLAORD) and conditions (COND_A) idoc from SRM to ECC system. Based on the payment terms, single contract will be splitted into multiple idocs.

For example, if a contract has 10 line items. Say, first 3 lines items belongs to 1 payment term(A000) and next three(4-7) line item belongs to other payment terms(B000) and finally last four item belongs to different payment term(C000).

So ECC will receive 3 idoc sets (with 1-2 seconds gap). First set will have BLAORD (contract data with corresponding line items) and COND_A (condition data for contract corresponding line items). Like wise all 3 sets will have BLAORD and COND_A.

Problem is, out of 10 line items, randomly 2-3 (some times 4-5) line item's conditions are marked with Deletion indicator.

And idoc status is 53 for all idocs. If i reprocess that idoc in WE19, then it is removing the deletion indicator.

Pls. help me of what might be the problem?


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