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EPM: Error "Invalid Dimension: MEASURES" due to invalid time dimension


I encountered a problem while designing my data model and I hope, anyone can give me a helping hand on that.

------ General Information:

I am using BPC EPM 10.0 SP 10 .NET 3.5 / Build 8001

------ Problem:

I have set up a standard model to save some parameters for the profit centers within my planning model (no consolidation model used). These parameters will be saved on a yearly basis. So I have set up a quite simple time dimension (named SC_TIME) with only years as leaf elements and I used the basic attributes mentioned within the online documentation (e.g.: Base Period, Level, Period, Year). The dimension now looks like that:

When I build the model / cube, no errors occur during creation. However after creation I cannot connect to the model by using web report functionality. The screen just freezes after changing the model to the new one and the model navigation pane still shows the dimensions of the old model (before changing model). When I try to connect via EPM I get an error message saying "Invalid Dimension: MEASURES".

After some research I found a document How to maintain MEASURE dimension for Business Planning and Consolidation ( After checking the tables that maintain the MEASURE formulas I recognized that no entries were made for my new created model. What I did next was:

  • Created an equal model than my new one but I replaced my simple time dimension SC_TIME with the one from my planning model (named TIME - which is the standard time dimension from the ENVIRONMENTSHELL).
  • I then was able to connect to my new created model.
  • I checked the attributes and tried to apply the same values of the original TIME dimension to my own dimension SC_TIME, but it didn't help.
  • I tried to enrich the dimension SC_TIME with other attributes that are only used in the context of consolidation, but it didn't help.

------ My Questions about the TIME-Dimension:

  • How has a simple time dimension to look like if I only want entries on a yearly basis without any "roll ups" to QTD or YTD?
  • Why does the standard TIME dimension (ENVIRONMENTSHELL) gets invalid when I remove the QUARTER elements and change the hierarchy of the monthly elements to reference the <year>.TOTAL element? By invalid I mean, that I get the same EPM error (Invalid Dimension: MEASURES) with all models that were created with that adapted time dimension.

Does anyone have a hint for me about what I did wrong or how a valid time dimension has to look like? Any help would really be appreciated.



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