Over/Under Delivery for a STO


I have a STO (document type is UB) and I would like to allow over/under delivery for this STO. My STO qty=10 units. I have chosen Purchasing Value Key=2 in MM02 for my material, which allow 10% of the total qty to over/under delivered.

I proceeded to create a DN from this STO and changed the qty from 10 to 8. This is 20% of my total STO qty and out of the over/under delivery tolerance limit. I expect to see some warning message or error message when I saved the DN. However, it was saved successfully without any error. Does standard SAP provide any warning or error message for this scenario?

Next, I continued with TO creation and then PGI. I have turned out "One Step Procedure" for my STO in IMG. Thus, GR in receiving plant was posted after I PGI-ed my DN. Again, I didn't encountered any error during my PGI with DN qty=8. Is this how standard SAP works?

The differences I could tell are

  • "Final Delivery" field for my STO in ME23N is unchecked if qty is out of the tolerance limit. Else, it is checked automatically.
  • "Still to deliv." field will have a remaining qty of 2.

Please advise if these are standard SAP functionality. Or if I missed out any configuration which could prompt the user on the out of tolerance qty during DN creation, PGI or GR.

Thank you so much!




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