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Filter function in table

Hi, I know that this question has been asked many times in this discussion group. But after hours struggling to get it work I have to ask a question regarding it anyway. I have it working depending the values in the dropdown list. If the value contains 'ä' and 'ö' and 'å' it's not working.

I have a table with a column status that I would like to use for filtering purposes but after implementing it I get an error after selecting a value in the dropdown list as follows:  "The value entered is not in the list of permitted values."

I have a context node called filter_inbox (cardinality 1..1)  with one attribut STATUS of char30 pos.

In the properties for the table I have an action ON_FILTER  on the property OnFilter.

On the table column STATUS I have an action ON_FILTER and I have bound the filterValue to FILTER_INBOX.status and the property isFiltered is checked.

The ui element of type textview is bound to the context node (1..n)  INBOX.status.

In the view I have an attribute  TABLE_CTRL_INBOX of type


In method WDDO_INIT the code is:

* fill table status into  lt_status_db


    LOOP AT lt_status_db ASSIGNING <ls_status_db>.
    ls_value-value  = <ls_status_db>-text
    ls_value-text   = <ls_status_db>-text.
    APPEND ls_value TO lt_value_set[].

* set dropdown inbox status
  lo_nd_filter_inbox = wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_filter_inbox ).
  lo_node_info = lo_nd_filter_inbox->get_node_info( ).
                   EXPORTING name = 'STATUS'
                             value_set = lt_value_set ).

The code in the action ON_FILTER is:

  wd_this->TABLE_CTRL_INBOX->apply_filter( ).

Anyone that understands what  I have forgotten? It's working if I use other values in the dropdown. If I fill the dropdrown list with "Godkänt" "Stängt" and also switch to the same values in the table it's not working. But when I fill the dropdown with APPROVED and CLOSED and also change the values of the table it's working so with other words it seems to be the "ä" and "ö" that gives problems. Isn't allowed to have this values in dropdowns?

Thank you and regards Lena

Former Member
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