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java not coming up after system refresh


We have recently done a EP system refresh to a new system. This one

is NW700 with SPS18. The import finished succesfully with out any

issues after the system is not coming up and jcontrol process shows

some process running and dispatcher, server0, server1 shows waiting for


I have done the following things from my side after the import.

1) Tried to increase & decrease the heap size & bootstrap settings

using VA tool.

2) Matched the with source and adjusted as it looks

like source system.

3) replaced the configtool lib files with the latest SP to see if there

is any secstore issues.

4) Upgraded the kernel as source sysem.

Still all of them didn't solve my problem. Attaching the logs of dev_server0


JVMDUMP014E VM Action unrecognised: ...prewalk

Capture raw process image:

-Xdump:system[:defaults][:<option>=<value>, ...]

Dump options:

events=<name> Trigger dump on named events

[+<name>...] (see -Xdump:events)

filter=[*]<name>[*] Filter on class (for load)

[*]<name>[*] Filter on exception (for throw,systhrow,uncaught)

[*]<name>#<class>.<method>[*] with throwing class and method

[*]<name>#<class>.<method>#<offset> with throwing class stack offset

[*]<name>[*] Filter on exception (for catch)

[*]<name>#<class>.<method>[*] with catching class and method

#<n>..<m> Filter on exit codes (for vmstop)

#<msecs> Filter on time (for slow)

file=<label> Output file

range=<n>..<m> Limit dumps

priority=<n> Highest first

request=<name> Request additional VM actions

[+<name>...] (see -Xdump:request)


Default -Xdump:system settings:








[Thr 772] *** ERROR => JHVM_LoadJavaVM: Cannot create Java VM (rc=-4) [jhvmxx_mt.c 553]

[Thr 772] *** ERROR => Cannot load Java VM (server) (rc=-1) [jlnchxxi_mt. 752]

[Thr 772] **********************************************************************

*** ERROR => Java VM initialization failed.

*** Please see SAP Note 943602 , section 'Java VM initialization issues'

*** for additional information and trouble shooting.


[Thr 772] SigISetIgnoreAction : SIG_IGN for signal 20

[Thr 772] JLaunchCloseProgram: good bye (exitcode = -1)



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