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Financial year change

Hi there,

Here is the situation for one of our customers.  I guess it is not the only business who needs to do this.

His financial year was previously set up to be from August 1st to July 31st.

Now, he needs the financial periods to be from November 1st to October 31st.

The posting periods are already created, from August 1st 2011 to July 31st 2012 and also from August 1st 2012 to July 31st 2013.

There are postdated transactions created in the system for each month, up to september 2012 (for the rentals).

How can he proceed to close his 2011 year in that case and then see appropriate amounts in his financial reports ?

I know he will have to close first on July 31st and a second time on October 31st, but when he is doing that, the YTD amounts in the financial reports are incorrect.

We have thought about a manipulation of the JE created by the year end utilities (reversal and creation) but it seems this doesn’t provide the appropriate amounts.

The only thing to think about is to rename the category in OFPR and OACP, so in that way, the financial reports will match the expected results.

The customer has done those steps by himself in a copy of the database and it is now returning the expected results in the financial reports.

1)      Delete last 9 posting periods of 2013 (up to July 31st)

2)      Create a new financial year for Novermber 1st 2012  to October 31st 2012

3)      Do a year-end procedure on October 31st 2011 (for August to October 2011)

4)      Modify the OACP.PERIODCAT field (see screenshot)

5)      Modify the OFPR.CATEGORY (see screenshot)

6)      In SAP, modify the appropriate data in the POSTING PERIODS (see screenshot)

We know that we are not authorized to do so, but do you have a better idea ?  What is the use of those fields ?

The customer has done tests in a test environment, he changed the category field in OACP and OFPR tables.

He has done some tests with financial reports in a lot of different date combinations and everything is working fine, according to what is expected.

He has created a new posting periods serie for the new financial year after the change of OACP and OFPR.  All posting periods have been created correctly.

Since they have 4 companies + 1 management company for those 4 subsidiaries, building new XLReports according to the new financial year would be too huge.  In addition, one of the companies has 11 subsidiaries and warehouses.  The chart of accounts contains more than 3400 accounts, 3 segments allowing the use of "cubic data" in order to have a lot of possible combinations in the financial reports.  So, this is out of their mind to build "temporary" reports for the fiscal year change.

So, since everything seems to work find after the direct update in the tables, is there a possibility of problematic later on ?  What couuld be the impact of changing category in OACP and OFPR tables ?

Thanks in advance.


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