Restricted measures in Analytic View

Hello All,

I have problems in creating Restricted measures in Analytic view.

1. How to restrict a parameter(eg: Comp code) not equal to blank? eg: Comp code <> '#'

     I am trying with operator 'Is Not Null', but include check box is not selectable. I cant find not equal operator. how to achieve not equals to and what is values for blank in hana data base. for example in BW-Bex query, blank is restricted with unassigned '#'.

2. how to achieve complex exprssions?

for example i want sales amount based on document type and prod group.

Sales amount, where (Document type = '10' AND prod group <> 'RV') OR (Document type = '11' AND prod group <> 'NV') OR (Document type = '12' AND Prod Group <> 'KR'), How to achieve this kind of expression, is it possible achieve using the combination of both calaculated measures and restricted measures?



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