Could not execute 'IMPORT FROM '/dropbox/S0008356087/NASDAQ.ctl''

Hi All,

when i am trying to execute the following SQL command in Hana 7 server i am getting the following error message.

Error message:

Could not execute 'IMPORT FROM '/dropbox/S0008356087/NASDAQ.ctl''

SAP DBTech JDBC: [2]: general error: Cannot open Control file, /dropbox/S0008356087/NASDAQ.ctl

I have checked all the syntax and all are fine.

my doubt is first i have assigned to hana 5 server.after that due to some outage they have migrated me to hana 7 server.

due to this do am i getting or i don't have access to that directory.

Here is folder that i have created the hana dev center.

Folder name : S0008356087

and last is for all the hana servers is FTP folder is same or it will change from server to server