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Crystal "Error" without any details

I am having an odd problem. I am using CR for VS2010 and I have a report that works fine most of the time. But occasionally i get an error that just says "Error" on the report view control. No details or anything else is provided in regards to what the error might be.

What I am doing is using ASPX and caching a report (not able to use session here). When the user pages, it pulls it from the cache and loads it to view page 2. This is when the error occurs. When paging or doing anything else with the viewer control. When the reports loads back from cache, it crashes and I get "error".

The odd thing is that I can get it to work fine when I run the report initialy with the user selects a date range. But when the user selects a date range I can view page one, then page two crashes with that odd error. If they do not set a date range, everything works fine. Something happens when the date range is passed into the report but only on page 2, 3, etc. when the cache report object is returned.

It's almost like the data parameters are causing the caching of the report object to fail. That is pretty odd.

I suspect that the report is not the issue and that we are looking at a data issue or something else. But everything here looks good. The report loads fine for page one. So the report runs. Without a date range the report runs file and pages and all of the viewer controls work fine as well. But if I set a date range and pass that into the report, it only works on page 1. Page 2 crashes. Everything else crashes as well such as going to the last page of the report, zooming in/out, etc.

Any ideas what might cause something like this? What does "Error" really tell me? What might cause that very generic error message to display in the report control. Obviously an error would... but I suspect certain types of errors would display like this. Obviously errors such as... no data, cannot connect to the database, etc. will have real error messages. Are there particular types of errors that do not display and just say "error"?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful.

Best regards,


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