Who's who as WDA ESS?

Hi there,

I am a brand new IDES Enh. Pack 5 system that I am trying to convince to show me how the Who's Who employee self service works. Today we have a system with Enh. Pack 3 with all our employee data loaded, but we have not configured employee self services as we do not have a java based system to deploy it on.

As a proof of concept and to convince the correct people that we need to upgrade to Enh. Pack 5 sooner rather than later I would really like to be able to show a demo of the Who's Who application. But how can I demonstrate it? It seems like the IDES system has a number of employees defined in client 800, so the question that remains is only what type of configuration is missing. I have already googled quite a bit to try to find a configuration guide or a how to, but all the documentation that I can find relate to the java version of the ESS.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.