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BOXI R2 to BO 4.0 Migration

Hi All,

Currently i am working on BO migration project, as i am from EIM platform i have few queries in BO migration, anyone could please help me by clarifying the below queries.

The current version of system is BO XIR2, migrating to BO 4.0 version. For this we are using SAP provided Upgrade Management tool with BO 4.0. We have very less BO content (i.e. Universes, WebI & Crystal documents, Users, Folders, etc.). Apart this BO reporting content, we have some flat files (CSV) in three folders of around 65 GB. So we planned this migration in two phases, first to move all content excluding the three above said folders which contains flat files. Second we are planning to move all the CSV files by incremental model (5 or 10 GB at a time). This about the all what we are planning to migrate to new BO 4.0 Dev system from current BO XIR2 Production system.

Here i have few queries about the migration process and upgrade management tool:

1. In order to migrate the whole BO XI R2 reporting content from Production to BO 4.0 Development system, is it mandatory to take the downtime of BO XI R2 Production system? (As per the best practices, it is better to take the downtime, in order avoid any changes in repository during migration)

2. Is it mandatory to take the downtime to move the CSV files from BO XIR2 Production to BO 4.0 (as these files are not accessible by anyone at any time, we are using those three BO folders to store the files purpose only)

3. During Live-to-Live migration, is Upgrade Management / Import Wizard tool locks both the source and target BO system?

4. Do we have any size limitations to migrate in Upgrade Management / Import Wizard Tools (e.g. at a time max only 10 GB data will migrate)?

Could anyone please help me out here!

Thanks & Regards,

Ramakrishna Kamurthy

Former Member


so if they are published to Rel.2 this looks different.

Just to clarify it a bit more...these Files are no Datasources for Reports and Universes and your Users dont consume them via InfoView?!

Whats the purpose for these Files? If they have none, you can de- select them in the UMT and dont migrate them (or better said move them cause you wont actually migrate .csv files). But if nobody touches them, you can move them with the UMT during daily long it will take i cant estimate it. But 65GB for .CSV files is a huge amount.

But you are correct, to move them from Rel.2 to BI4 you have to use the UMT.

If you have the ressources and time i would recommend the following (Thats what i usually do with my customers):

1. Setup a Machine (could be a VM) with the same OS and BOE Version (included SPs and FPs) as your production Rel.2

2. Schedule a half day or day Downtime to copy the content 1:1 from the production Rel.2 to the VM Rel.2 with the IW or CMS DB Copy. Or do this after Business Hours.

- With this Size of your FileStore i would recommend the CMS DB copy way.

- Now you have a 1:1 Testing Environment of your Production Environment

3. Use the UMT to migrate from your VM Rel.2 to your BI4 installation

- Here you can see how long it takes

- You can check if the UMT is capable for this 65GB transfer

- Can sort out other possible issues

- Do some other Testing

After you did that you have a perfect estimation on how long the Migration will take and what for issues you are facing. With this information you can decide if you need a downtime or can do it after Business Hours f.e.



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