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Hey there,

I have an ALV grid displaying purchase order information. When you double-click, it takes you to the transaction ME22N. I have enhanced ME22N's screen to include a checkbox on the screen that is tied to a custom field in the EKKO table. I have verified that the EKKO field is getting updated correctly whenever the checkbox is changed, however my ALV grid will not refresh to display the changes made. I have been putting the code directly after the CALL TRANSACTION ME22N line in the user event block. I have also tried putting it in the ALV screen's PDO module. I have gotten the internal table that I use to create the ALV grid to reflect the changes, but the actual grid display is still showing the old information. I have tried using REFRESH_TABLE_DISPLAY and I am having no luck. The ALV display does refresh if I back out to the selection screen and execute the report again. Am I forgetting to do something to the container? Do I need to free the grid first (which I have tried)? I know there are similar threads on SDN pertaining to this issue, but none of the ones I have found so far have solved my problem. I am creating the ALV using the object-oriented method. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my code for setting the ALV container.

FORM alv_set_container.

  • Create ALV object if it does not already exist

IF cl_custom_container IS INITIAL.

CREATE OBJECT cl_custom_container


container_name = 'ALV_CONTAINER'.

CREATE OBJECT cl_alv_grid


i_parent = cl_custom_container.

  • Build the ALV field catalog

PERFORM alv_build_field_cat TABLES it_alv_field_cat.

  • Build the ALV sort tables

PERFORM alv_build_sort TABLES it_alv_sort.

  • Set the ALV layout

PERFORM alv_set_layout USING wa_alv_layout.

  • Set the ALV variant

PERFORM alv_set_variant USING wa_alv_variant.

  • Set the ALV save setting

PERFORM alv_set_save USING w_save.

  • Load data into the grid and display them

CALL METHOD cl_alv_grid->set_table_for_first_display


is_layout = wa_alv_layout

is_variant = wa_alv_variant

i_save = w_save


it_outtab = it_ekko

it_fieldcatalog = it_alv_field_cat

it_sort = it_alv_sort.

  • Create events for this object


SET HANDLER cl_event->double_click FOR cl_alv_grid.

SET HANDLER cl_event->handle_top_of_list FOR cl_alv_grid.

SET HANDLER cl_event->handle_top_of_page FOR cl_alv_grid.


  • Table has already been created so refresh it

PERFORM get_data.

CALL METHOD cl_alv_grid->refresh_table_display.


ENDFORM. " alv_set_container

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Former Member replied

Hi John,

In this line of your code,

* Table has already been created so refresh it
PERFORM get_data.
CALL METHOD cl_alv_grid->refresh_table_display.

Please add the following lines:

PERFORM get_data. "this is you present code. insert here beforerefreshing the ALV display

DATA:  lwa_ref        TYPE lvc_s_stbl..

IF cl_alv_grid IS INITIAL.
            e_grid = cl_alv_grid.
        IF sy-subrc EQ 0.                                   
*          do nothing

 IF NOT cl_alv_grid IS INITIAL.
        CALL METHOD cl_alv_grid->refresh_table_display
            is_stable = lwa_ref
            finished  = 1
            OTHERS    = 2.
        IF sy-subrc = 0 .
          "do nothing

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