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Reg : SAP HANA features


I am presently evaluating the features of SAP HANA. For this, I would like to have the following information.

Hardware Requirements

Processor,RAM,disk space requirements? Are there any other requirements?

Supports Intel x64 based processor, 2TB RAM servers and servers like the Dell R910 and HP DL980

What are the supported operatingsystems?

AIX 5.3, 6.1, HP-UX 11.31/IA64 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10/11 64-bit operating


Cost of hardware,price per procesor, license costs ?

Are there any other APIs supported?


Are there any other SQL standards supported?

Full ANSI SQL-92 and EXCEL 2010 standard MDX

Do they support Triggers and if yes, how?

Do they support Stored procedures ?

Supported Index Types Bitmap?

Data independence(Programming Abstraction) Yes or No?

Transaction Processing support Yes or No?

What are the levels in transaction isolation ?

Locking support - at Row,table ,database level?

Durability Support (ACID) ?

Yes , Persistence layer

High Availability support -Replication?


Backup & Recovery Support?


Can SAP In-Memory Database act as a secondary cache to Relational DBMS? What are the databases supported by the cache?

Which kind of application profile is best suited for SAP In-Memory Databases? Does it produce best results for complex queries, subqueries,joins,table lookups?

Well suited for OLAP applications.

Does it offer a cost-based optimizer or rule-based optimizer?

Does it support partitioning and maximum number of partitions supported?

Utilities - for administrative tasks?

Could you please support on the above information?

Thanks in advance.

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