Project Progress Catch-up Plan

Dear PS Friends,

I would like to know if any of you have worked on Project Progress Catch-up Plan.

Basically, it is the third dashed-curve which comes in a project progress graph of plan vs actual to cover u2013up the delay.

Below is an example to explain this.

M3 being the current month.

Months	M1	M2	*M3*	M4	M5	M6	M7	M8	M9
Plan PoC	0%	12%	20%	35%	42%	52%	60%	72%	90%
Actual PoC	2%	7%	12%						
Catch-up			12%	18%	24%	40%	52%	72%

If yes, please let me know and also how we can implement in SAP PS.

Thanks in advance for your help!