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CRS2008 on RedHAt 5.6 64 bit

I have the following implementation:

RedHat 5.6 64 bit Server

Has Oracle's commercial MySQL 5.5.13 64 bit database running on it with about 2TB of data.

I have unixODBC 32 bit installed and Oracle's 32 bit MySQL client and the 32 bit ODBC drivers installed.

[root@creport ~]# rpm -qa --queryformat="%-%\n" | grep MySQL







[root@creport ~]# ldd /usr/lib/ => (0xffffe000) => /lib/ (0xf7bea000) => /lib/ (0xf7be5000) => /lib/ (0xf7bbc000) => /lib/ (0xf7bb3000) => /lib/ (0xf7a59000)

/lib/ (0x00963000)

[creport@creport creport]$ ldd /usr/bin/isql => (0xffffe000) => /usr/lib/ (0x0029b000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00286000) => /lib/ (0x00af8000) => /lib/ (0x00add000) => /lib/ (0x00982000)

/lib/ (0x00963000)

[creport@creport creport]$ ldd /usr/bin/mysql => (0xffffe000) => /lib/ (0x00add000) => /lib/ (0x00b0a000) => /lib/ (0x00aff000) => /lib/ (0x00af8000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00833000) => /lib/ (0x00982000)

/lib/ (0x00963000)

[creport@creport creport]$

[root@creport ~]# isql [someDSN] user password





help [tablename]



So I can run isql fine to obtain a connection to and from the server using the ODBC DSN and the 32 bit drivers/client.

I can connect to CMC fine on a separate host and can upload Crystal Reports to the server with IDENTICAL DSN names and drivers from another Windows workstation where the CR2008 client is installed.

However whenever I try to view the data on the CRS2008 server i the CMC console I get an error... "Failed to open the connection".

I get a vague feeling there is something missing in the install but not sure what as the installation document is a tad vague on prerequisite specifics.

Anyone got any hints or clues?

Is there a CRS2008 log file can read that might throw any light on the error? I might be able to at least tail that as the report is attempted to be viewed and see the error that way (if it says anything helpful that is).

Yes aware of CRYSTAL REPORTS SERVER 2008 V1 SP3 FOR LINUX u2013 SUPPORTED PLATFORMS doc and it states:

Note 1: Crystal Reports Server 2008 V1 software is supported running on 32-bit versions of Linux running on x86 (32-bit) and x64 CPUs (64-bit) made by AMD and Intel. Crystal Reports Server 2008 V1 software is supported running on 64-bit versions of Linux running on x64 CPUs made by AMD and Intel if it can reference the 32-bit operating system libraries as well as the 32-bit database and application client libraries.


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