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Handling fault messages in an Integration Process (bpm)

I have a bpm in PI 7.11 which performs a synch call to an external webservice. In addition to the request/response, that webservice can also generate two faults: ObjectNotFoundFault and generalfault. I am having trouble handling these faults - when a fault occurs my handler is not being invoked and thus the bpm process stops/errors. When I look at the underlying process (via txn swi1), I see the exact error text:

"No exception defined for fault message ObjectNotFoundFault"

From what I understand within the bpm synch call step to the webservice I need to do the following to handle the exception/fault:

- put the synch call (to the webservice) into a block

- add an exception branch to that block named let's say A & set the exception handler of that block to be A

- in the exception setting of that synch step, select A

In my case, I don't care about the fault details other than to ensure it does not stop the whole Integration Process, so in my exception branch I don't do anything. I did try adding a control step within it too (as per SAP Press text book).

Is there anything else I need to do here? I am not mapping the returned fault - does the fault need to be mapped (not sure how I would do this given that the synch step uses an abstract interface and therefore to my knowledge no fault mapping can be done)?

There are 2 Notes that describe my issue exactly: <-- this one refers more to me, but we already have in 7.11

Can anyone let me know exactly the steps I would perform to handle these faults - does the exception name / handler A above need to be named the actual exception / fault ObjectNotFoundFault?

Any help appreciated.



Any help appreciated.



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