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Crystal report: click orange arrow and have Journal entry screen open

Dear All,

I add a hyperlink to my orange arrow like below

'http://$b1$/link?table=JDT1&key=' + {Command.TransID}

'http://$b1$/link?table=OJDT&key=' + {Command.TransID}

Neither of them works.

Here is my user query:

Select T4.CompnyName 'CompName'

, T1.[FormatCode] 'FormatCode'

, T1.[AcctName] 'AcctName'

, Case When T0.ContraAct Not like '_SYS%' Then T0.ContraAct

Else '' End 'BPCode'

, T6.CardName 'BPName'

, T0.[ExtrMatch] 'ExtrMatch'

, T5.[MatchDate] 'MatchDate'

,T0.[TransId] 'TransID'

,T0.[RefDate] 'PostingDate'

,'X' 'Clr'

, Case T0.[TransType]

When -2 Then 'OB'

When -4 Then 'BN'

When 13 Then 'AR IN'

When 14 Then 'AR Credit'

When 18 Then 'AP IN'

When 19 Then 'AP Credit'

When 24 Then 'Incoming PMT'

When 25 Then 'Deposit (C)'

When 30 Then 'JE'

When 46 Then 'Outgoing PMT'

When 57 Then 'Check'

Else ''

End 'Type'

, Case When T0.[Ref3Line] = '' Then T0.[BaseRef]

Else Case T0.[TransType] When 30 Then Convert(Varchar, T0.[TransId])

Else T0.[BaseRef] ' -> ' T0.[Ref3Line]


End 'BaseRef'

, T0.[Credit] 'Credit'


INNER JOIN OACT T1 ON T0.Account = T1.AcctCode

Left Outer Join ORCT T2 On T0.[TransId] = T2.[TransId] And T0.[TransType] = 24

Left Outer JOIN RCT1 T3 ON T2.DocEntry = T3.DocNum

Left Outer Join OMTH T5 ON T5.[MatchNum] = T0.[ExtrMatch] AND T5.MthAcctCod = T1.Acctcode

Left Outer Join OCRD T6 ON T0.ContraAct = T6.CardCode


WHERE T0.Credit >0

Thanks in advance.



Former Member
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