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Inbound process with WM and HU

Hi Friends ,

I am exploring different possibility Standard SAP supports for goods receipt process through Inbound deliveries.TO make things simple right now I am only finding possibilities for EXTERNAL Material receipt only.

The steps I know invloved in Inbound delivery process are (with WM and HU)

1) PR - Source assignment - PO - Release PO

2) Advance shipment notification (ASN)

3) Inbound delivery creation

4) Packing of material on Goods receipt

5.1) Put-away - Automatic TR creation

5.2 ) Put-away - Automatic TO creation

5.2 ) Put-away material - TO Confirmation

6) PGR

Now I am looking for different configurations by which can automate processes mentioned above from point 2 to 6.Like

2 and 3 ) ASN / Inbound delivery : I know that ASN can be received from vendor (in the form of idoc) and can create Inbound delivery automatically.But what if Vendor doesn't provide ASN message , how can we create deliveries for expected material ? Do we need to use VL06I ??

4) Once the Inbound delivery is created , I know we can automate packing process ... not sure about the configuration.I only know that this invloved condition technique where we create Conditions / schema / condition records ... BUT where do we assign that SCHEMA ( like pricing schema is attached to PORG group / Vendor grp )

5.1 ) Do we always need to have a TR to get TO created against Goods receipt OR can we can ask system to create TO directly without any TR ?

5.2 ) TO Creation - Automatic TO creation as soon as the packing is completed.

Where is this setting ? I understand there are two process 1) real time TO creation 2) Background TO Creation. For immediate TO creation I can see a configuration in IM-WM movement type assignment configuration , is that all ??

5.3 ) TO Confirmation -.Like TO Creation , do SAP also provide functionality to CONFIRM TO immediately or through Background Jobs ?? What are the required settings ?

6) How can we automate the PGR process ?

Sorry for this long query , but I hope there are many other friends who are interested in knowing all such possibilities.

Thanks in advance for all your help.



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