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VF11 wrongly created with RV Doc type and with not clear status.

Hi All

Issue: There are 2 billing documents which were created(VF01) in March are canceled (VF11) in May. Cancel document is saved with a message (No automatic clearing of billing document XXXXXXXXX) and message diagnosis saying that u201CThe Automatic clearing of billing document and reversal is not possible. This may be, for example, because the line item update is deactivatedu201D

In the SD document flow cancel billing document is created and it's posted to accounting with Document type RV(which is not configured in the billing types) and it is in not clear status.

2 Sales order types are ZNRC(No Rebate u2013 Credit) second is ZCR (CM Req With Refer).

Order Type : ZNRC , Billing type :ZG2, Cancel billing type :Z5, Accounting document in billing type for ZG2: is DG and accounting document in cancel billing type Z5 is :(_) blank.

Order type: ZCR Billing type :G2, Cancel billing type :S2, Accounting document in billing type for G2: is DG and accounting document in cancel billing type S2 is :(_) blank.

FI document type Not maintained in the cancel billing type configuration because this should be determine by reversal document type DA which is maintained in DG document type from FI side. It will be triggered in VF11)

The above configuration is working with the order created VA01,billing VF01 and cancelling VF11 done in same period. If the order and billing done in old period and canceling(VF11) done in current period than FI document creating with RV document type and with not clear status in the document flow.

I reviewed similar issues with SAP Note and with below explanation:

"There are 2 procedures that are possible when Vf11 is posted.

Old Procedure - An FI "Reversal" document was created that was not connected with the orignal.

New Procedure - A Real FI reversal was carried out with clearing."

In this case, our system is following with new procedure except above mentioned orders created in previous period and and canceled in current period.

My Questions are: How the RV document is getting triggered here? why the cancel document (Reversal FI Doc) is not clearing?

Appreciate your answers or suggestions.

Thanks in advance,


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Thank you Ivano.

I referred SAP note 1259505 and 339928. But initially we thought of none of the symptoms mentioned in the SAP note are matching with our issue. Then we contacted SAP online support and they suggested checking one SAP note (Mentioned above).

Our system is following new cancellation procedure, but itu2019s failing only for some few documents.

Finally we identified several reasons for the issue. One is profitability segment in the billing document and cancelled document is different due to some changes in segment assignments. Another one is consolidation- consolidation document does not exist in the billing document list but it is getting created in Canceled document (VF11).(Consolidation postings are switched off some time back and now itu2019s on)

After some discussions it is decided to include accounting document type (Reversal) in cancel billing types to avoid default RV document type in canceled billing document accounting document. And non-cleared documents need to be created manually in F-32.

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