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32bit and 64bit Apps using Crystal 2010sp1 with a recordset


I'm using Crystal 2010sp1 with VS2010. I have some code that I did not write, which obtains a recordset and passes that to the ReportDocument. It then goes on to .Export() the report.

When my app is compiling as 32bit the .DataSourceConnections on the ReportDocument contains 1 item with the following properties:




LogonProperties = { "ADO.Net DataSet Object", "0,4AFECC" } { "ADO.Net DataSet Object", "0,4AFECC" }

{ "Internal Connection ID", "2e3b2f7f-0c31-472a-9773-f301a7ba9a3e" } { "Internal Connection ID", "2e3b2f7f-0c31-472a-9773-f301a7ba9a3e" }

Password = ""

ServerName = "NewDataSet"

Type = CRQA UserID = Nothing And it exports perfectly!! When compiled as "Any CPU" and running on a 64bit machine, the properties are: DataBaseName="" DBConnHandler=0 IntegratedSecurity=False LogonProperties = { "Field Definition File", "BL_Extras.ttx" } { "Field Definition File", "BL_Extras.ttx" } Password = "" ServerName = "D:\EntaV4\ENTAReports\rpt\BL_Extras.ttx" Type = CRQA

UserID = Nothing

And the export fails with the exception:

"Failed to load database information. Error in File BL_Extras {9D634275-70C4-42E8-B7EE-C2A69C0CDD2B}.rpt: Failed to load database information."

Why under 64bit is Crystal setting different connection details? And where is it getting the path for the ttx file in the ServerName property, my app and report are on my C drive in a totally different location. That folder on D had never existed on my machine.

I do happne to have the ttx file for this report, but putting it next to the rpt or in the above path makes no difference. I don't have the ttx for other reports though anyway and running as 32bit it works even if I delete the ttx though.

I have searched the error and found several pre-SP1 and non-recordset scenarios. I also read a little about create XML files for the reports but that is going to be too much work as there are hundreds of reports. It's not a lack of a 64bit ADO driver is it?

I thought i'd ask here for other solutions before I step back in time 10 years and make this app 32bit only.

I'm pretty sure this all worked on 2008 with CR2008.....

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