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Any suggestions for CHEAP improvements to dequeue performance?

We have a case where we have to call the SO change BAPI twice in rapid succession on the same SO. It would be nice if we could avoid this, but we can't, so let's assume that redesigning the code is not an answer to the problem.

In our dev instance, dequeues are very quick, and as a result, we almost never get "self-contention" on the second BAPI call.

That is, the second BAPI call almost never returns an error saying that the SO is in use by the same user.

But in our first-level QA instance, we were almost always getting this kind of "self-contention" error until we actually put the second BAPI call in a DO loop that executes up to 20 times with a 2 second wait inbetween each iteration. (Note that before taking this extreme measure, we tried calling the "VBAKKE" dequeue function twice (explicit and wildcard) with a 2 second wait, but this didn't help.)

What is causing the difference between dequeue performance in our dev and QA instances, and is there anything CHEAP that can be done to improve performance in our QA instance?

Inquiring minds want to know, so thanks for whatever time you can afford to spend thinking about this matter.


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