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Object Type

Where can i get the object types, like 2 is for BP

Former Member

Hi Rupa

Please search SDK help file using the keyword BoLinkedObject Enumeration , you will get the list off all available objects

Member Value Description 
lf_None -1 No target object 
lf_UserDefinedObject 0 User-defined object 
lf_GLAccounts 1 G/L account object 
lf_BusinessPartner 2 Business Partner object 
lf_Items 4 Item object 
lf_SalesEmployee 53 Sales employee object 
lf_TransactionTemplates 55 Transaction template 
lf_JournalPosting 30 Journal Posting object 
lf_LoadingFactors 62 Loading Factor object 
lf_RecurringTransactions 34 Recurring Transaction object 
lf_ProductTree 66 Product Tree object 
lf_CheckForPayment 57 Check for Payment object 
lf_PaymentTermsTypes 40 Payment Terms object 
lf_Deposit 25 Deposit object 
lf_PredatedDeposit 76 Predated Deposit object 
lf_Warehouses 64 Warehouse object 
lf_ImportFile 69 Import File object 
lf_BudgetSystem 78 Budget System object 
lf_SalesTaxAuthorities 126 Sales Tax Authorities object 
lf_SalesTaxCodes 128 Sales Tax Codes object 
lf_RunExternalsApplications 86 Run External Application object 
lf_DueDates 71 Due Date objects 
lf_UserDefaults 93 User Defaults object 
lf_FinancePeriod 111 Financial Period object 
lf_SalesOpportunity 97 Sales Opportunity object 
lf_ConfirmationLevel 120 Confirmation Level object 
lf_ConfirmationTemplates 121 Confirmation Template object 
lf_ConfirmationDocumnets 122 Confirmation Document object 
lf_Drafts 112 Draft object 
lf_GoodsIssue 60 Goods Issue object 
lf_GoodsReceipt 59 Goods Receipt object 
lf_ProjectCodes 63 Project Code object 
lf_ContactWithCustAndVend 33 Contact object 
lf_JournalVoucher 28 Journal Voucher object 
lf_ProfitCenter 61 Profit Center object 
lf_VendorPayment 46 Vendor Payment object 
lf_Receipt 24 Receipt object 
lf_Quotation 23 Quotation object 
lf_Order 17 Order object 
lf_DeliveryNotes 15 Delivery Note object 
lf_DeliveryNotesReturns 16 Delivery Note Return object 
lf_Invoice 13 Invoice object 
lf_InvoiceCreditMemo 14 Invoice Credit Memo object 
lf_PurchaseOrder 22 Purchase Order object 
lf_GoodsReceiptPO 20 Goods Receipt PO object 
lf_GoodsReturns 21 Goods Return object 
lf_PurchaseInvoice 18 Purchase Invoice object 
lf_PurchaseInvoiceCreditMemo 19 Purchase Invoice Credit Memo object 
lf_CorrectionInvoice 132 Correction Invoice object 
lf_StockTransfers 67 Stock Transfer object 
lf_WorkInstructions 68 Work Instructions object 
lf_AlertsTemplate 80 Alerts Template object 
lf_SpecialPricesForGroups 85 Special Prices object 
lf_CustomerVendorCatalogNumber 73 Customer/Vendor Catalog Number 
lf_SpecialPrices 7 Special Prices object 
lf_SerialNumbersForItems 94 Serial Numbers for Items object 
lf_ItemBatchNumbers 106 Item Batch Numbers object 
lf_UserValidValues 110 User Valid Values object 
lf_UserDisplayCategories 114 User Display Categories object 
lf_AddressFormats 113 Address Format object 
lf_Indicator 138 Indicator object 
lf_CashDiscount 133 Cash Discount object 
lf_DeliveryTypes 49 Delivery Type object 
lf_VatGroup 5 VAT Group object 
lf_VatIndicator 135 VAT Indicator object 
lf_GoodsShipment 139 Goods Shipment object 
lf_ExpensesDefinition 125 Expense Definition object 
lf_CreditCards 36 Credit Card object 
lf_CentralBankIndicator 161 Business Partner Central Bank Indicator object 
lf_BPBankAccount 187 Business Partner Bank Account object 
lf_DiscountCodes 3 Discount Code object 
lf_PaymentBlock 159 Block Payment object for vendors and customers 
lf_AgentPerson 177 Agent Person object 
lf_PeriodIndicator 184 Period Indicator object for document numbering 
lf_HolidaysTable 186 Holidays Table object 
lf_Employee 171 Employee object 
lf_PredefinedText 215 Pre-defined Text object for sales and marketing documents 
lf_Territory 200 Territory (geographic location, brand, or item) object 
lf_User 12 SAP Business One User object 
lf_ProductionOrder 202 Production Order object 
lf_BillOfExchange 181 Bill of Exchange object 
lf_BillOfExchangeTransaction 182 Bill of Exchange Transaction object 
lf_AddressFormat 131 Address Pattern object 
lf_AccountSegmentationCode 143 Account Segmentation Code object 
lf_FileFormat 183 File Format object 
lf_StockRevaluation 162 Stock Revaluation object 
lf_PickList 156 Inventory Pick List object 
lf_DunningTerms 196 Dunning Term object 
lf_ServiceContract 190 Service Contract object 
lf_ContractTemplete 170 Contract Template object 
lf_InstallBase 176 Install Base object 
lf_ServiceCall 191 Service Call object 
lf_ServiceCallSolution 189 Service Call Solution object 
lf_ItemGroups 52 Item Groups object 
lf_PackageType 206 Package Type object 
lf_SalesForecast 198 Sales Forecast object 
lf_PaymentMethod 147 Payment Method object 
lf_WithHoldingTax 178 Withholding Tax object



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