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Sending mail to multiple users in their worklist

Hi Experts,

I have a simple requirement to send an information email to 3 or multiple users WORKLIST

Informing that the Approval request is Approved/Rejected and then my workflow should complete after that.

Sales Rep has read this information and take action accordingly and other people just need to read this information.

It should not happen that, if one person read this email then the information email should not be removed from the other users worklist.

I don't want to send workitem, instead i just want to send an infomation email to multiple users worklist.

It may be simple but i just don't know how can i do it.

I tried following and facing issues.

1) First i tried to send it via Sendmail step. This sends the information only on the SAP Inbox and not to worklist.

And also send mail step working only for single user and it is not working for multiple users.

I am passing the Business OBject Attribute In EXPRESSION - &BUS2000126.ZZ1ALL_APPROVERS_UID&( Type:WFSYST INITIATOR Multiline).

My attribute has 2 users at runtime



I am passing the same attribute in the User Decision step, it is sending the user decision workitem to both the

users without any problem.And even in the Recipient Assignment block in the user decision step

it is showing both the above users ids.

I don't know why it is not working in the Send mail step.

As the Send mail step don't send notification on the worklist, then i skipped using the send mail step.

2) Then i created another New Activity step with BO:SELFITEM Method:SENDTASKDESCRIPTION

Only synchronous object method checkbox is checked and rest of the checkbox in Task are unchecked.

Task is selected as GENERAL TASK.

I am passing the Business object attribute &BUS2000126.ZZ1ALL_APPR_SALESREP_UIDS&

IN EXPRESSION in the task.

Issues with this.

I am getting the workitem into my worklist but in Recipient Assignmen block it shows: No results found.

So, i am affraid is it going to all the users ?

When i try to Execute the workitem by clicking on Execute button, it gives error message as below.

"Associated object SELFITEM cannot be opened; contact your system administrator"

And following are the binding between workflow and task.



&BUS2000126& &BUS2000126&






Please let me know, do i need to pass any value in the binding other than Addressstring ?

or do i need business object other than SELFITME to just send an information email to multiple user worklist.

last question, i don't know why execute button is coming into the workitem, i was expecting only confirm button to

be displayed for this information email.

Thanks for your quick response.

Former Member

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