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Calling webservices from ABAP via https/ssl with p12 certificates.

Hi all,

I have a problem with calling an external webservice via HTTPS.

I configured my system as indicate in the blog /people/jens.gleichmann/blog/2008/10/31/calling-webservices-from-abap-via-httpsssl-with-pfx-certificates but when I check the RFC connection the result is: ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR.

I check the ICM monitor and this is the result:

[Thr 11] Thu May 26 16:02:57 2011

[Thr 11] *** ERROR during SecudeSSL_SessionStart() from SSL_connect()==SSL_ERROR_SSL

[Thr 11] session uses PSE file "/usr/sap/SV5/DVEBMGS10/sec/SAPSSLHTTPS1.pse"

[Thr 11] SecudeSSL_SessionStart: SSL_connect() failed

secude_error 536875072 (0x20001040) = "received a fatal SSLv3 handshake failure alert message from the peer"

[Thr 11] >> Begin of Secude-SSL Errorstack >>

[Thr 11] WARNING in ssl3_read_bytes: (536875072/0x20001040) received a fatal SSLv3 handshake failure alert message from the peer

WARNING in ssl3_output_cert_chain: (12354/0x3042) No hierarchy certificate in FCPath

WARNING in reduce_FCPath_by_Issuer: (12354/0x3042) No hierarchy certificate in FCPath

[Thr 11] << End of Secude-SSL Errorstack

[Thr 11] SSL_get_state() returned 0x000021d0 "SSLv3 read finished A"

[Thr 11] Server's List of trusted CA DNames (from cert-request message):

[Thr 11] #1 " certificate 1

[Thr 11] #2 " certificate 2

[Thr 11] SSL NI-sock: local=ip peer=ip2

[Thr 11] <<- ERROR: SapSSLSessionStart(sssl_hdl=6000000000652010)==SSSLERR_SSL_CONNECT

[Thr 11] *** ERROR => IcmConnInitClientSSL: SapSSLSessionStart failed (-57): SSSLERR_SSL_CONNECT [icxxconn_mt.c 2012]

SAP_ABA 700 0012 SAPKA70012 Componenti validi per tutte le applicazioni

SAP_BASIS 700 0012 SAPKB70012 Componenti di base SAP

PI_BASIS 2005_1_700 0012 SAPKIPYJ7C PI_BASIS 2005_1_700

ST-PI 2008_1_700 0001 SAPKITLRD1 SAP Solution Tools Plug-In

SAP_BW 700 0013 SAPKW70013 SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0

SAP_AP 700 0010 SAPKNA7010 Piatt. d'applicazione SAP

CCM 200_700 0010 SAPK-27010INCCM CCM 200_700 : Add-On Supplement



BI_CONT 703 0001 SAPKIBIIP1 Contenuto Business Intelligence

ST-A/PI 01L_BCO700 0000 - Servicetools for other App./Netweaver 04

What do you think about it?

Best regards,


Former Member
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