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LSO e-Learning Course set to Complete?

Hello all

We're currently setting up e-Learning (WBT) courses in LSO and have got to the stage where we can successfully store our content and then run it via the content player. What we're having trouble with is how, once completed, we can then get the course to change to completed in the back-end?

When we finish the course and return to the portal it says... 'The course was passed successfully,but it has not been set to 'completed'

We have configured the 'follow-up control options' Infotype against the course type so that it reads 'Learning portal --- A -- Confirm Participation, with the 'Activate' ticked.

We can click on the 'Confirm Participation' in the portal, but this does not set the course to complete in the backend (IT0024) - even though the standard screen text says that it will set it to complete!

When we run LSO_PV15 in the backend (Follow-up Participation) the 'Confirmed' flag is shown, as is the flag for 'Course passed'. The 'follow-up' box at the end though is not ticked...?

We've looked at the digital signature option too, but as far as we can tell, flagging this is only an option not a necessity?

Does anyone know if there is something/anything we are missing?

Any help much appreiciated

Thank you


Edited by: Phil Southall on May 20, 2011 12:21 PM

Hi, quick update...

Having tried different combinations in the config for Follow-Up processing (Control of process steps) we can now get the portal to say that the course is completed, but in the backend the IT0024 record still doesn't change. It sticks in state '3 - In process (some issues)

The entries we have in the config are as follows: (all are ticked as active, none are ticked for digital signature):

3 Web-Based Training L Learning Portal A Confirm Participation

3 Web-Based Training L Learning Portal K Confirm Pass Result (Time-Independent)

3 Web-Based Training S System B Rate Participation

3 Web-Based Training S System E Follow Up Pass Result (Without Proficiency Change)

3 Web-Based Training S System G Delimit Participation (Time-Independent)

3 Web-Based Training S System I Follow Up Course

Any ideas as to what may be preventing the course from changing to state '4 -Complete' in IT0024 would be super

Cheers, Phil.

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