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Time_out dump error in RSTXSCRP while Importing SAP Script

Hi Experts,

I am using RSTXSCRP program for Download and Upload the SAP Form. I am downloading script 'ZF110_HDFC_CHCK' is successfully.

after that before uploading i open the notepad i replace 'ZF110_HDFC_CHCK' to 'ZF110_HDFC_DM'.

then in selection-screen i mension the object name is ZF110_HDFC_DM.

and Mode IMPORT

while execute the report it taking so much time and they given Dump error.

How can i solve this?

Short text

Time limit exceeded.

Error analysis

After a specific time, the program is terminated to make the work area

available to other users who may be waiting.

This is to prevent a work area being blocked unnecessarily long by, for


- Endless loops (DO, WHILE, ...),

- Database accesses with a large result set

- Database accesses without a suitable index (full table scan)

The maximum runtime of a program is limited by the system profile

parameter "rdisp/max_wprun_time". The current setting is 600 seconds. If this

time limit is

exceeded, the system attempts to cancel any running SQL statement or

signals the ABAP processor to stop the running program. Then the system

waits another 60 seconds maximum. If the program is then still active,

the work process is restarted.

Line SourceCde

1288 rc = 4. exit.

1289 endif.

1290 endif.

1291 endif.

1292 endform.


1294 * IMPORT a style or layout set


1296 form import_formstyl using value(object_type) value(la

1297 data: rc like sy-subrc,

1298 olang like thead-tdospras,

1299 transtat like thead-tdtranstat.


1301 perform get_language_vector using language_vector.

1302 if sy-subrc <> 0. "exit if language vector cannot be r

1303 nothing = true. subrc = 4. exit.

1304 endif.

1305 * invalidate HEADER,LINES

1306 clear header. refresh lines.

1307 clear olang.

1308 transtat = translation_wanted. "default

1309 perform import_record.

1310 while end_of_objdata = false and subrc = 0.

1311 case record-command.

1312 * header data

1313 when 'HEAD'.

1314 refresh lines.

1315 header = record-data.

1316 if header-tdname(16) ne header-tdform.

1317 if cl_abap_char_utilities=>charsize > 1.

>>>>> while header-tdform ne header-tdname(16).

1319 shift header+85 right.



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