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New to MM opinions would be appreciated

Hi All,

In a nutshell I would like opinions on what are the most essential points of MM and what is a must to learn. Pretty simple really.

I shall not leave it at that though, I think a little background is needed.

I have worked for my current company for 3 months, and have been employed as an MM consultant and developer. The thing is I have exactly three months knowledge of MM and ABAP . Now before everyone shouts that I must have mislead my employer there are some things I should explain.

I am born and bred in the UK and worked at the same company for 14 years in the IT department, doing user support, programming, network admin, UNIX admin, the last job I did was install a VM estate consisting of a pair of vSphere servers and iSCSI array a pair of dedicated switches setup for redundancy to the servers and storage, so I know a little about IT, the company is a German company. I meet my partner through work, when she went to the UK to study and after staying in the UK for 7 years (should have been 1) we decided to move to Germany (this was our plan for a very long time).

So the other half gets a job and moves, I move 5 months later, I was lucky that the company I worked for could give me 6 months work, albeit in a shop working the shop floor.

Fast foward 5 and a half months, I was soon to be out of work and I was lucky enough to get an interview at headoffice for a role in the support department (please note that my German skills are not very good, much better now compared to when I had the interview though). The interview was a little strange to begin with, and I was basically told that I was a little too experienced for the role of support (so was seeming like a waste of a 700Km round trip), and then was told about an exciting new role in SAP that had come up (basically the same company, but was separated to concentrate initially on outsourcing services, like SAP, email hosting, security services..... and now is a major part of bringing all the companies from the different countries into a unified system)

Long story short the company (world wide) is merging all companies ERP systems to SAP under one mandant...and my language was now an advantage as most installations would be in English....I was also asked what part of SAP I would like to do so I said MM (I mean I know how each company basically runs from sales, marketing, warehouse, purchasing.... as there are all basically the same model), and I chose MM as my other half is a purchaser, so if I had purchase related questions I could bounce them off her (smart idea),

So fast forward to today, at present I live 350Km (that will change in a couple of months) from my other half, in a country where my language skills are not where they should be, really enjoy my work, am mostly coding (love coding) at the moment, have traveled with the company and was told that I would be traveling a fair bit so I should get to see a bit of the world albeit only where the companies are located, and I will get to work with my old colleges when the UK company gets converted to SAP.

In the three months I have attended



I have read




I shall be next week attending SCM520

I am pretty confident about my programming skills, ok its going to take a little time to fully get upto speed with all the tips and tricks and certainly the stiffness of ABAP.

What I really would like to know is how I can train my consulting side a little better, it should be noted that all the courses I have been on are in German, I have been lucky enough to have English course notes as well so I have done ok (the BC course I found easier as it was programming and I have knowledge of other languages).

What other courses should I read or attend (my company is an SAP gold partner, so I can get access to most course material if needed)

Should I re read SCM100/500/510 so to absorb more?

I know I am in a very privileged situation at the moment and I really appreciate what the company has done for me, and I really cannot see myself leaving the company, and I really want to do the best I can for the company, so getting my consulting skills upto a far better level is more me a priority, so any input would be very much appreciated.

I suppose the import things to know is that I have only had three months total SAP and MM knowledge (well except for a little order input in the shop, but tapping in article numbers in not a huge amount of experience),

Sorry for the long into, but again any help would ge much appreciated.


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