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Defining order types in Customer Service in ERP 6.0

Hi All,

Just need some suggestion, inputs and advice from you experts.

The client for whom we are doing SAP ECC 6 implementation is a Pharmaceutical distributor.

In this project my client has 4 types of service:

1. Installation

2. Onsite Service

3. Service at Service Center (also called as Inhouse repair)

4. Preventive mantenance process.

1. Installation service - In the installation service, the scenario is like the principal might sell the device to the customer (to hospital or patients). Based on the terms between themselves, principal might also give the device on installment basis where customer will pay back the principal on whatever terms they have agreed with each other. Now, my client, who is the pharma distributor will perform the installation of equipment at the customer's location. If the equipment was sold to the customer by principal and the equipment now belongs to the customer, then the pharma distributor will charge the customer for the installation service. In other cases, if the equipment belongs to the principal, then pharma distributor will charge the principal for the installation service of equipment at the customer's location.

So, in this case, by copying standard order type (SM02 - Service Order with Revenues), I can have one service order type with resource related billin for Installation service right? Do, I also need to define another order type with contract, for this particular installation service? Please advise.....

2. Onsite service - In case of onsite service, my client pharma distributor will send out technician to perform service onsite at a customer's location. So in this case, if there is no contract, then customer will be charged and if there is contract, then customer will not be charged. So for onsite service, I will have to define 2 order types right? One for providing service onsite where there is contract (by copying SM01 - Service Order with Contract), and another to provide service onsite where there is no contract? (by copying SM02 - Service Order with revenues). Please advice if I am correct.

3. Service at Service Center (Inhouse repair) - In case of service at service center, the service order will be generated in the background from the repair order. So, in this case, since the service order is always settled to repair order, so the service order, becomes a cost collecting object and customer will be charged thru a billing request and invoice that is generated from repair order. Hence, am I correct to define only one service order type (by copying SM01 - Service Order for Contract), which shall be a cost collecting object and all cost collected in the service order will be transferred to repair order to charge customer or principal (depending on the scenario)

4. Preventive Maintenance - In preventive maintenance, maintenance plan will be created based on the contract with customer. I am not sure whether there will be cases where they will create maintenance plan without a contract. However, if the case is like there will always be a contract, then I will just have to define only one service order which shall be cost collecting object (by copying standard order type SM01 - Service Order with Contract). Am I correct? In case, if maintenance plan is created for an equipment, without a contract, then I will have to define another revenue based service order (by copying standard order type SM02 - Service Order with Revenues). Please advise.

I would really appreciate some help here as I feel a bit lost and confused.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Abdul Rafey

Former Member
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