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Car Pooling on River

Hello Experts,

I am trying to create a car pooling application on River.

I also want to deploy the application on mobile.

I learnt that we can use android native coding to deploy the app on mobile.

I am facing with some issues and would need your suggestions.

1. -> If I create an application, I should have a separate login for that.

-> But, since my app is available on River, River Login would also be required.

-> Only registered users would be able to do anything on the car pooling aap... so registration would be required.

How should I trigger the launch of my application?

I am getting confused because I do not know how much I can do with the existing functionality/platform.

Does the application to end user appears the same as it does to me, when I turn off the author mode?

2. How can I automatically fill the 'Date of registration', as soon as somebody creates a profile, as current date?

Would it need an action?

Please see that the field is on the same page which updates it..

I am not able to set the field type to date-time type itself!!!

3. Is probem with renaming/ changing widget attributes a known issue?? I always face this issue, when I try to change widgets after saving them... How can I overcome this?

According to the errors, as far as I could understand, it takes the widget's assignment to a previous section and changing creates error... I have to everytime delete and create widgets newly...

4. I set Editable/enabled- conditional style of an input widget, based on a checkbox.

But, the input box is not visible until I check the check box! Only the widget label is visible.. I am doing something wrong?

5. I want an id to be generated, each time I wish to create a new pool. Would this also need an Action??

6. Also, while creating a new pool, creater's name and personnel no. should be automatically filled..

These questions may sound basic, but it is important for me to get answers... please let me know, if we should have a call (SAP connect) or you would like to access my account, to see the problem..

Thanks and Regards,


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