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SAP GUI national special characters displayed incorrectly ?


Problem is evident on windows 7 OS.

Problem was reproduced using SAPGUI 7.10 FP21 and SAPGUI 7.20 FP5.

It's operating system/sapgui problem so there is no difference what server product we are running (problem is evident even before connecting to server).

Our new desktop pc's are bundled with Windows 7(32bit) and Office 2010. We receive them with OS preinstalled. Our local language is Lithuanian - some SAPGUI gui elements display Lithuanian special characters incorrecly - this happens before doing any logon - so any server entries are not needed to reproduce. All other Windows 7 installations works Ok - except that new batch - anyway we will be receiving these models in the future so this is a problem. I checked all locale/language settings I know. All following examples will be compared between "good" windows 7 PC, and "bad" windows 7 PC from that batch I mentioned. Changing font doesn't help - and looks like it's not font face problem at all. Reinstalling from some Windows RTM CD solves the problem - I consider this last resort.

Locale/language config for both "good" and "bad":

System locale:  Lithuanian
Formats:  Lithuanian
Location:  US(also tried Lithuania)
Languages: English(keyboard US) default;
           Lithuanian(keyboard Lithuanian)
Time zone:  (UTC+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius

Lithuanian special chars (others are the same as English):



What is happening - in some places(see Examples below) chars are replaced like that:

u0161 -> nothing

ų -> u

ė -> e

ą -> a

į -> i

and etc....


Bad PC (sysheader32 control displays right chars in both cases, other controls no):


Good PC (it uses other font than "Bad" but like I said - changing font changes nothing):


Any ideas where I should look for ?

I believe it's small thing buried somewhere...

thank you in advance

Vilius Mockunas

Former Member
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