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Hi Friends,

Can you provide me with list of ISU workflows?



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Former Member replied

ISUACBMISub Subworkflow by Moved-In Installation

ISUACBMoveIn Automatic Owner Move-In

ISUACBMveOut Automatic Owner Move-Out

ISUARCHLINK1 Early Archiving of Move-In Notification

ISUCollAcc Collection Procedure at Account Level

ISUCollAccT Collection Procedure at Account Level

ISUCompSmOrd IS-U: Start Final SM Order Confirmation

ISUConCreIns Create and Install Service Connection

ISUCrFreeze Move-In/Out: Lock Creditworthiness

ISUCrRelease Move-In/Out: Release Locked Creditworth.

ISUIdeEnrCom IS-U: IDE Enrollment Communication

ISUIdeEnrFra ISU: IDE Enrollment Framework

ISUMRenter Monitoring of MR Results Entry

ISUMRentry Monitoring of MR Results Entry

ISUNewConOrd Service Connection Order Processing

ISUNewConQuo Service Conn. Processing with Quotation

ISUProcSMOrd IS-U: Process SM Order

ISUProdCRM CRM Management for Utility Products

ISUProdQuo Quotation Processing for IS-U Products

ISUQuoDecisi Customer Decision About Quotation

ISUREQError0 ISU_REQUEST Inbound Error with Log

ISUREQWarn0 ISU_REQUEST Inbound Warning/Log

ISUResRelPro Resource-Related Service Process

ISUSelAccnt Select Contract Account for Bus. Partner

ISUSettl0001 ISU-EDM: Settlement Proc. VV2_SYNTH

ISUSettl0002 ISU-EDM: Obsolete (VV2_ANALY)

ISUSettl0003 ISU-EDM: Obsolete (VV2_ANAEXT)

ISUSettl0004 ISU-EDM: Settlement Proc. VV2_SCHEDU

ISUSettl0005 ISU-EDM: Settlement Proc. EXTANALYT

ISUSettl0006 ISU-EDM: Det. Overtake/Undertake Amnts

ISUS IS-U: Change of Supplier (Reserved)

ISUS IS-U: Change of Supplier (Reserved)

ISUS IS-U: Change of Supplier (Reserved)

ISUS IS-U: Change of Supplier (Reserved)

ISUS IS-U: Change of Supplier (Reserved)

ISUSuSwCRMCe IS-U: Change of Supp. CRM Connector Enh.

ISUSuSwCRMCo IS-U: Change of Supplier CRM Connector

ISUSuSwCRMLi IS-U: Link Switch Doc. & CRM Contract

ISUSuSwCSPAG IS-U: Check Service Provider Agreement

ISUSuSwChScE IS-U Check Actions for Supp.Scen. (Reg.)

ISUSuSwCheck ISU: Change of Supplier - Chck Framework

ISUSuSwCreBS ISU: Organize Backup Supply

ISUSuSwDist IS-U Suppler Change for Distibutor

ISUSuSwGSScD IS-U: Det. Current Supply Scen. (Term)

ISUSuSwGetSU IS-U: Determine Settlement Unit

ISUSuSwInfo ISU: Agent Information

ISUSuSwNSCRM IS-U: Chnge of Supplier: New Supp. (CRM)

ISUSuSwNewSu IS-U: Supplier Change: New Supplier

ISUSuSwOSCRM IS-U: Change of Supp. Former Supp. (CRM)

ISUSuSwOldSu IS-U Supplier Change: Old Supplier

ISUSuSwPSScD IS-U: Modify Supply Scenario (Term.)

ISUSuSwPSScE IS-U: Modify Supply Scenario (Reg.)

ISUSuSwStpBS ISU: End Backup Supply

ISUSupCSMOrd Monitor completion of service order

ISUSupSwitch IS-U: IDE Change of Supplier VV2

ISUSupSwtCan IS-U: IDE Change of Supplier, Reversal

ISUSupSwtDro IS-U: IDE CoS, Termination Notification

ISUSupSwtRes IS-U: IDE CoS, Rejection Notification

ISU_AChBpDat Arch. Workflow for Changes to Saved Data

ISU_AMoOuDoc Archiving Workflow for Move-Out Document



ISU_RCON_VAC IS-U: Check Reconnection Status

ISU_VAC_DIS1 Vacant Status Monitoring/Disconnection

ISU_Vaca_Dis IS-U: Vacancy Block or Monitoring

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