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WM Activity Status

Hello Professionals,

Regarding warehouse management system, I would like to confirm a few things:

1. When a TO is created, the system sets the delivery quantity as the picking quantity. But at the same time, is it true that the picking status is set to 'C' = fully picked ? This means, just by creating, or saving a TO, the picking status = C even if actual physical picking has not started?

2. Is it true that even if partially picked, the WM activity status can still be set to 'C' confirmed ?

In other words, WM activity status can be C even if full picking not done and only partial picking done?

If so, in this case, does it mean that a new DO has to be created to process the open or balance quantities?



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Hello Pascal,

1. So, using TO, Picking status is set automatically to fully picked at the moment when TO is created and saved even when there is no real picking yet. This is to kind of reserve the stock?

What if when come to doing the actual picking, there is 1 shortfall not picked? Can I say manually, the picking status has to be set to B from C and picking quantity has to be manually reduced to the actual picked quantity that is not the order quantity and by this the delivery quantity has to reflect the actual delivered qty by copying the actual picked quantity?

In this case, is it correct to assume that the WM Activity Status could not be set to C as it depends on the Picking status to be C first before it can be set to C?

Yes you are right, it may some times happen that picked quantity in delivery is less than the sales order quantity, due to shortfall of stock available during that point. But still the picked status needs to be 'C', as when we create sales order,availability check is carried out which determines the scheduline and further the delivery date for the material.

The picking status is 'C' as delivery has already picked the partial quantity available in stock based on schedule line and availability check.

In short, can i clarify that :

a. WM Activity Status depends on Picking Status to be C before it can be set to C.

b. in a WM system, using TO, can the Picking status be changed after TO is created , where picking status is already auto set to C.

Yes you are right, WM status is always dependent on the picking status. As soon as picking status chnages to 'C' irrespective of fully picked or partially picked, your WM status chnages to 'B' which means the WM status is now partially processed.

c. Even in partial picked situation, where delivery quantity = actual picking quantity, PGI still is possible because the Picking Status cannot be changed from C and remains C in this case, and this allows the WM Activity status to be set to C when the TO is confirmed?

Yes it allows WM status to chnage to 'C' even if delivery is partially picked.This is because you can confirm transfer order, only when your picking is fully completed i.e. 'C' , irrespective whether it is partiall picking or full picked quantity

d. By confirmation of TO, is it right to assume that this is a manual process where someone verifies exactly how many is picked and a TO is considered as Confirmed when only All the Ordered quantity is picked ? Or should it be that TO confirmation means it is done manually but Even when there is partial picking, the TO is still confirmed Regardless how many is picked?

I still lack the following understanding to fully understand this TO confirmation topic. I am unclear of :

1. what is meant by Confirming a TO. PGI requires TO to be confirmed. But is Confirming = the act of checking and reflecting the actual or a constant status set as 'Confirmed' regardless if there full or partial picking.

Yes, confimation of transfer order where the quantity is confirmed, helps in following areas;

: If it is partial picking during TO confirmtaion, the delivery gets automatically updated which in turn helps in delivery related billing

: Post goods issue can be with which you can further do shipments of right quantity to your end customers.



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