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Error VL 604 The storage location is not defined for delivery item

I am receiving this error when trying to PGI (601) on a delivery document for a non stock material that does not have a storage location set up as there are no storage locations. These would be like material numbers that the description would be a manual or something in that regard. In the delivery I tried to enter a stor location, however it states none exists as it should..We are using WM and are on ECC60

My Material item category is LEIS. Material type is non stock value update but not qty update. In the material master there is no storage location set up and only have the follwoing views

Basic data 1 and 2

Sales 1 and 2 and general

Acctng 1 and 2

In VOV7 this is a copy of item category DLX. I have the following settings

Billing Relevance A

Pricing X

Business Item is checked

Sched Line Allowed is checked

Weight/Vol is checked

Credit Active is checked

determine Cost is checked

Incompletion Proced is service Item

Partner Determ Procedure is Standard

Text Determ Procedure is Sales Item

Item Cat stats group 1

Screen seq grp is N

At one time I was using a copy of TAW and it worked fine except it would not allow multiple deliveries of an item. Example would be

Material A for a qty of 10 each

I ship 5 each.

It would not create another delivery for the other 5 each as it was saying it was completed. I worked with someone on this and we tried playing with the config to get it to work, it did not..the copy of DLX did work for this scenario so I went with DLX. Now I am having this issue.

Your advice is greatly appreciated on what to do with this error message. Also this is a billable item.

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