CONVT_CODEPAGE conversion of a text from codepage '4110' to codepage '4103'


I am receving the runtime error when i am trying to read the data from the application server(the data is loaded in the application server from the FTP server). The issue is with the character ' ¦ ' . Looks like the system is not able to convert this character from one code page to another.

I am getting this issue in both Development and in Quality Systems. Both systems are unicode systems.

I have gone through the existing threads on it and found 2 solutions. One is adding UTF-8 in the Open Dataset statement and other is adding IGNORING CONVERSION ERRORS. I tried both these options and the issue still exists.

Runtime error text:

Characters are always displayed in only a certain codepage. Many

codepages only define a limited set of characters. If a text from a

codepage should be converted into another codepage, and if this text

contains characters that are not defined in one of the two codepages, a

conversion error occurs.

Moreover, a conversion error can occur if one of the needed codepages

'4110' or '4103' is not known to the system.