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Change Production Date in Inspection lot doesn't work

Hi Experts,

following question regarding Material with exp.Date.:

Sometimes, purchased Material, for which is a production date necessary in goods receive with MIGO to calculate the exp. Date,

the prod.Date is missing or to old. We need to do the goods receive with a "dummy prod. date" and create a inspection lot to clarify with supllier. (Return the material to the vendor or get the real production date). After we get the prod. date from supplier we try to change the prod. date with inspection lot.

I didn't found a possibility to do this ---> Does somebody know how does it works ?

We craete a programm which changes the these dates.


1.) Goods receive with MIGO, enter today's date as production date (if production date is missing)

2.) Inspection lot will be created.

3.) We use a programm to change the MSEG -VFDAT and MSEG-HSDAT also LQUA-VFDAT.

4.) If we look MSEG andd LUQA, all relevant dates (VFDAT and HSDAT) are correct.

4.) We do UD in inspection lot, TO will be craeted to main warehouse.

5.) Iif we look into LQUA-VFDAT, the exp.Date which was changed before is again changed again and was claculated from goods receive Date !!!!! MSEG-VFDAT and MSEG HSDAT is ok, but LQUA-VFDAT is still wrong ! ---> What should I do, where I have to do additional changeings ?

Please help If someone knows a solution..

Thanks Tom

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