CRVS2010 and InstallShield LE Setup

I created a windows forms application with Visual Studio 2010.

To form1, I added a Crystal Reports viewer (CRVS2010 is installed).

I added a Crystal Report to the project and set the Report Source of the viewer to this report.

A simple application.

Now I need to distribute this application.

I added an InstallShield LE project and set up the project.

Under Redistribuables I checked SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework 4

and the .NET Framework.

Compiled the project.

Now taking the Setup.exe and ISSetupPrerequisites folder to my test computer, the setup program

displays Error 1904.....failed to register crtslv.dll....-214010895.

How do I fix this?

I have created the project using .NET framework 3.5 and .NET framework 4. Both setup programs

display the same error message.

My test computer is running Windows XP SP3.